What’s Trump Doing in the South China Sea?

Tensions are escalating in the South China Sea. President-elect Donald Trump recently announced he was called by the president of Taiwan, in an apparent break with US-China policy dating back to 1979. In case you missed it, here’s his tweet:  The President of Taiwan CALLED ME today to wish me read more »

The Assault Upon Our Freedom of Speech

Trump won. Clinton lost. But the war for our hearts and minds goes on, now being directed to restrict our freedom of speech under the First Amendment. What’s going on? In this broadcast, John Dennison analyzes the evidence and addresses the real issue — that we the people are becoming read more »

Making Sense of the Trump Movement

In this video by John Dennison, we discuss many of the forces behind the Trump movement that resulted in his victory in the 2016 presidential election, and how servers can weave their way through the emotional minefields to build a better world.

Are We Losing Our Souls in this Election?

The election season is in full force, and battle lines are drawn. It’s bringing out the worst in people, causing some to excuse or overlook the corruption and collusion revealed in #Wikileaks Podesta emails and #ProjectVeritas. In this broadcast, John Dennison discusses the challenges awakening servers face in trying to read more »

The Political Powder Keg Is Ready to Explode

Jack’s Rant: Consciousness: The Bringer of Change

With an eye towards uniting people with shared purposes and helping other bring about understanding themselves as well as the world around them today Jack talks about Consciousness and how to go about having it in today’s world.       Audio can be found here : https://soundcloud.com/peaceoptions/jacks-rant-consciousness-the-bringer-of-change

What is Consciousness?

  Conciousness in short is Awareness What is Consciousness? And what does it mean to have it? Depending on who you ask what consciousness is your answer will vary, most everyone would certainly have their own variation of the definition. For most, even for myself for a majority of my read more »

Jack’s Rant – Wake Up America

America is headed in the wrong direction. Corruption and control are usurping our democracy. In this message, John Ramon Dennison (aka Jack) rants on our state of affairs, and the need for Americans to wake up now before it’s too late.   Listen:  

Three Ways to Cure Millennial Political Apathy

Is Millennial Political Apathy the Curse of Our Generation? Millennial political apathy. It’s the unspoken truth that every politician knows — millennials don’t vote. They don’t even care very much about what’s going on in the world. They can be safely ignored in the policical process so long as they read more »

The History of Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is a way for the CEOs of companies to show their concern for the environment, human rights, their employees and communities as well. They do this not necessarily out of a eco-friendly mindset, but in effort for continued prosperity with the people that makes the corporation successful. read more »

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