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As a birthday gift to myself, I thought I'd pull out one of my teacher's favorites on meditation. Mine, too. It's the classic of all classics.

It's the Buddha's Anapanasati Sutta with his famous teaching on mindfulness.

Try it. It's a great way to find peace.

Check it out.

Mindfulness of In-&-Out Breathing

Find and create peace in your world

Jack's Rant

Challenge the beliefs and perspectives that keep you in conflict.

Peace Advocacy

Public speaking, books, articles, audio rants and web videos to challenge the beliefs, perspectives and practices that keep us in conflict.

Peace Coaching

Life coaching and consultations to deal with dramas and difficulties in a better way.

Peace Training

Individual instruction, group training and self-help materials to know yourself, find your peace, and change your world. 

It's all about the experience.

Recommended Resources

Whispers in the Silence

Living by the Light of Your Soul

You're not at peace. Your discontent is caused by a voice whispering inside, calling you to become whole. It wants to show you how.

Find your peace. Know your own way.

Know yourself. Find your peace. Go your own way.

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