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Our world is on fire. The flames of conflict are burning ever-higher and threaten to engulf us all.

As a result, emotions run hot as fear and desire keep us fixated upon the differences that keep us apart.

Worse, the foundations of society are crumbling. Reason, tolerance, ethics and morals are either lacking or stretched beyond recognition.

We try to help you navigate these challenging times with more peace, ease and effectiveness, and address the factors that keep bringing more of the same.

Make the difference in your world. Find your peace today.

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America is a pressure cooker ready to explode. Tempers are flaring. Differences are amplified. Conflicts abound.

Left and right are at each others' throats. They just don't see things the same way, and don't look like

Please forgive me. I'm sorry for butting in. I stuck my nose in where it didn't belong.
For you see, I was trying to get you to back off the ledge. The energies bombarding our world

It's no secret Democrats hate Trump.  In fact, they've turned it into a fine art form.
Starting with the election and continuing daily, a never-ending crescendo of vitriol has been spewing forth from liberal Democrats against


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"A soldier in the awakening of the revolution of unconditional love.”

– John Duvall, Pueblo, CO


“The moment I met John, I knew. His eyes told me . . . he would help me find myself.”

– Heidi Richards, Davie, FL


"Acupuncture for the Soul!"

- Anonymous, Deerfield Beach, FL

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Author. Speaker. Spiritual teacher. Peacemaker. Sepsis survivor. Lawyer.

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 “John is ready to take you to the place you came here to find. The approach is easy on the heart and the simplicity is profound.”
– Darryl Schoenstadt, Phoenix, AZ
“Very few teachers today have the insight and wisdom of John Dennison – his thoughts and ideas are truly new and enlightening.”
– Gabriel Lawson, Monument, CO