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personal training

Life always looks a little better when you're in shape. Add muscle. Lose fat. Restore wellness and vitality with John Ramon Dennison..  more


life coaching

Don't keep doing the same old things in the same old ways and expect things to change. Address the causes and conditions that steal your peace, and in the process lay a foundation upon which you can build a better tomorrow. more


business coaching

Entrepreneurs and small business owners can lift off to new heights of peace and prosperity with business coaching from John Dennison. You don't have to go it alone.  Get the help you need today.  more

"John is ready to take you to the place you came here to find. The approach is easy on the heart and the simplicity is profound."

- Darryl Schoenstadt, Phoenix, AZ
"John is a Recovering Lawyer, with the kind of mind that looks at things differently, and he then shares a very constructive philosophy that is invaluable "
- Mark Halpert, Boca Raton, FL

"The moment I met John, I knew. His eyes told me . . . he would help me find myself."

- Heidi Richards, Davie, FL

"A soldier in the awakening of the revolution of unconditional love."

- John Duvall, Pueblo, CO

"Acupuncture for the Soul!"

- Anonymous, Deerfield Beach, FL
"John’s brilliance in law coupled with his compassion for peace has brought light to many of us that were in the dark. His concise language and direct approach to the world allows one to focus on the solution at hand rather than being confused with all the peripheral garbage surrounding the issues. "
- Jim Kearney, Los Angeles, CA

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We believe actions speak louder than words.