Now is the Time - with John Dennison

John calls awakening souls to stand and be counted, and add their contribution to a better tomorrow.

Finding Justice for your Soul

John speaks about what PeaceOptionsTM has to do with finding justice for your soul, and the path to finding peace in your time.

Expanding life's possibilities: Who do you want to be today?

fork in road photo: crossroad forkintheroad4.jpgToday I want to talk to you about choices. More specifically the choices that we use to define ourselves in this vast and evolving world of ours. Who do you choose to be? I pose this question to you “who do you want to be today?”

For myself these past few years has been the same each morning. I awaken and consciously choose to be the best, most loving understanding version of myself that I can be today. Notice that the only expectation that I choose to place on myself is only what I know I can accomplish.

By being the best I can be today I do not set a boundary of excess nor do I place a quota on how much I am to be. As we all have come to know some days we feel better than others. This expectation of yourself is no longer a way of judgement when posed this way. Now this expectation is freeing and motivating at the same time.

We are here to experience the richest gift that the universe could ever give our souls. We are here to choose in these finite moments that constitute our lives who we want to be.

The Evolution of the Self: Welcoming growth through the Pain

Today is a beginning of a journey that my very being has longed for.

I have always had an intention to serve and help others. One may say it’s my calling but that would be to say that I did not find this part of me until recently and that couldn’t be further from the truth. From the moment a family friend nicknamed me the “Gentle Giant.”

PeaceOptions Welcomes Joe Dennison as a New Addition to the Team

This is my first blog post as internet and social media marketing coordinator for PeaceOptionsTM. I look forward to sharing our message in new and expanding ways so more people can find their peace today.

We will be embarking on a series of videos that lay out our ideas on how to deal with many of the challenges facing people today, especially those caused by a world that seems to be spinning out of control.

Learning to Fail

failure photo: failure Failure.jpgLife has little regard for losers. They're at the back of the pack, relegated to picking over left-overs rather than attaining the prizes for which they work.

At best it gives them honorable mention, a quick nod that simultaneously praises and slaps them upside the head, often followed by words like, "Good job. Just not good enough."

Wow, it can be harsh.

They Call Me the Miracle Man

Coming together is a beginningThey say that when you fall off your horse, to pick yourself up and get back on to ride it again. So here goes. Let's give it another try.

Maybe I should just pretend I haven't had this long absence and start talking about peace again. But to be honest, you deserve better than that.

You've allowed me to come into your homes and share my perspectives on what it takes to find peace in our time. So now is no time to start keeping things to myself.

Last year I almost died. I came as close to the edge as one human being can come without passing through the veil on our return home. It marked the climax of escalating health issues that had plagued me for the previous three years.

If I Can't Change People, Maybe I Can Change Me

Coming together is a beginningMaybe I've been wrong in my opinion on the political system. For I do recognize the value of exercising our responsibility to add our energies to the common affairs that steer the ship of state.

As tensions ratchet up during election seasons, I've tried to draw attention to the practices that divide us and keep us apart. Especially, I do so regarding the function of our affairs of governance and the political process that elects those who serve.

If you've followed me for any length of time, you'll know I've suggested that taking sides in their partisan games isn't taking us where we want to go. Instead, it's adding even more energy to the conflict and causing it to dig in even deeper.

But maybe I'm the one who's wrong.

For in the process of sharing my perspectives and opinion on our problems with government and the escalating political wars, I am perhaps indirectly adding to the conflict by inadvertently causing some to cling even tighter to their views and write me off as some nut-case who doesn't buy into our American system.

Do You Really Think an Election Will Change the Way Business is Done in Washington?

moneyIt's all a shell game, and we're the ones being manipulated by these elections into believing our choice -- or for that matter ANY choice -- will make a difference in the way our system is run.

Combine the inherent corruption of the system with the race between the parties to see who can give away more of our freedoms and ignore the constraints of our Constitution (need I make a list?), not to mention the gross overreaching and general performance of government, and it's easy to understand that we the people have a long way to go to right our ship and sail it to a destination that really serves us.

No amount of buy-offs or muscle-flexing or promises or political games or programs will do the job. It will take a mass awakening of the people, enough to throw off the yoke of the power brokers and their pawns, and a concerted effort to build something better.

It won't be easy. But we'd better get ready, because the way it looks, the game is getting out of hand even for them.

Will Self-Interest Carry the Day?

GreedGreed isn't endemic only on Wall Street or in our politicians. It has infected We the People, too.

People vote their own self-interest. It's the button that's pushed to get them to support one party or another. When they feel that interest is going to be better served by the promises and payoffs of one candidate than another, then that's the way they'll vote.

Sure, politicians give lip-service to broad concepts like freedom, justice and equality. And they wrap themselves in the flag and kowtow to nebulous ideas like family and fairness. But when it really comes down to it, does it really matter? After all, how many people choose their candidate based on their adherence to core principles?

No, most people vote what they think is best for them. And that's usually a perception based on what's going on in their lives and how they feel about the prospects for their future.

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