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      Here at PeaceOptionsTM we empower you to:
      • Solve problems, overcome obstacles and deal with difficulties in a better way;
      • Address the conditions that steal your peace;
      • Improve areas of your life or career that aren't working the way you want.
      If you're fed up with the way things are and want something more, why not give us a try?

"Each of you has a responsibility to bring forth your creative energy to contribute to the mass consciousness that creates this particular reality."
- Veronica (thru April Crawford)




No One Can Give You Peace But You

I can't give you peace.

No one can. Not Buddha. Not Mohammed. Not even Jesus.

Their godliness may have made them deserving vessels into which we deposited our faith and belief in something more than the struggle of the moment, from which we can draw hope, strength and direction through life's storms.

But they could not wave a magic wand and have peace suddenly spread across the land or fill the hearts and minds of men (or women).

Meet your hosts

Laura and JohnPeaceOptionsTM is a family affair.

Meet its founders Laura and John Dennison, retired lawyers turned advocates for a better tomorrow.
Meet John Ramon Dennison
Joined now by their eldest son John Ramon Dennison, a spiritual teacher, life coach and physical trainer, they work to lay a foundation upon which peace can grow in our world.

Full Moon Meditation

Help us hold an energetic field for Peace to prevail on earth.

Join us in meditation the next full moon to make a difference in your world.

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