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Find your peace. Know your own way.


"The world you change will be your own." ~ John Dennison


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Our world is so much less than we want it to be. We speak out on issues to make it a better one.   more

peace & personal development

Find your peace. Don't keep doing the same old things in the same old ways. Shift perspectives. Solve problems. Know yourself. Listen to your inner voice.  Understand your life. Develop new approaches. Challenge the beliefs and practices that keep you stuck in struggle, suffering or conflict. more

personal training

You'll be happier and healthier if you're in good shape. John Ramon Dennison trains individuals in fitness and personal wellness to have more strength, energy and vitality in their lives. more



“Very few teachers today have the insight and wisdom of John Dennison – his thoughts and ideas are truly new and enlightening.”

– Gabriel Lawson, Monument, CO


“The moment I met John, I knew. His eyes told me . . . he would help me find myself.”

– Heidi Richards, Davie, FL



“A soldier in the awakening of the revolution of unconditional love.”

– John Duvall, Pueblo, CO

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America is headed in the wrong direction. Corruption and control are usurping our democracy. In this message, John Ramon Dennison (aka Jack) rants on our state of affairs, and the need for Americans to wake up now before it’s too late.   Listen:  



“Acupuncture for the Soul!”

– Anonymous, Deerfield Beach, FL

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“John is ready to take you to the place you came here to find. The approach is easy on the heart and the simplicity is profound.”

– Darryl Schoenstadt, Phoenix, AZ


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We believe actions speak louder than words.