Find Your Peace

  • Solve problems
  • Handle your affairs
  • Address causal factors
  • Find meaning, purpose and direction
  • Build a deeper peace

Know your own way.

Find Your Peace

Take an inner approach to your outer affairs.


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Survive. Thrive. Evolve.

Civil War

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What storm?

The storms blowing through your life and world are happening for a reason. 
Find it. Use it.  Let it guide you to the peace that waits.

Yet, it's all about you.

Only you can choose to have peace in your time.

Benefits of Our Approach

Expand your consciousness

It's all happening to allow you to evolve into more of what you are and can be.  Connect to your inner source.  Let it show you how to move through your dramas and difficulties in better ways.

Know yourself

Who are you?  What makes you the way you are?  What is your life all about?  If you don't know these things, it will be hard to find your peace, much less move through life's storms in better ways.

Find meaning, purpose & direction

You know there's a reason why things are the way they are.  Put your life in context.  It will make the path ahead much easier to see and follow.

Get perspective

Nimbleness of mind is key to finding your way through the maze of struggle, suffering and conflict.  Let go of how you see it.  Make the shifts that will help you see it another way.

Explore new possibilities

Fear of uncertainty locks us into a status quo of more of the same.   What aren't you seeing?  How might it impact your affairs?

Understand your life

What are the patterns and issues running through your life that contribute to the situation now stealing your peace?

Explore Foundations of  Applied Spirituality

I Have NOT Read

Whispers in the Silence

If you have not read the book but want to understand your discontent and its role for the journey of your soul, click here to buy it in paperback or download a PDF for free.

John lays out the cause of your discontent, and how to address it by cultivating your inner soil and seeking the wholeness at your core under the guidance of your inner voice.

I Have Read

Whispers in the Silence

If you've already read Whispers and want more, check out John's "Red Pill Chronicles" podcast addressing issues and obstacles encountered along the spiritual path.

Any questions?