Meet the Team

john-laura-by-victoria-crop2_optHi, I’m John Dennison, and I’d like to welcome you to PeaceOptionsSM.

Started in 2006 with my wife Laura, it has evolved into a  method to empower people to better weather the storms blowing through their lives and world.

By way of background, we spent 30+ years in the practice of law, fighting people’s fights and solving their problems. But we’re not your average lawyers. For we’re steeped as much in spirituality as we are in mainstream know-how, blessed with a heart-felt concern for the welfare of all who struggle dealing with a world that is spiraling out of control.

Besides,after seeing first-hand the horrors that people inflict on each other, enough was enough. We had to do something to stem the tide.

We’re not in this alone, either.

PeaceOptionsSM is a family affair. It’s only fitting, since we bring forth a message based on the interconnectedness of life through the source that whispers within us all.

john-ramon-dennison.thumbnailRecently we were joined by our oldest son John in our coaching and message delivery efforts. He’s pictured  the left, and is a gifted spiritual teacher, life coach and personal trainer.

joe-dennisonJust as important but working behind the scenes is our youngest son Joe, pictured to the right. He holds a business degree and fouses on consious business and social impact consulting…

We’ve all suffered our share of difficulties and efforts to deal with life’s curves. Our hope is that you can learn from our experiences and the insight we’ve gained along the way so you can pass through your own challenges a little easier

If you want your life and our world to be more than they are, maybe PeaceOptionsSM has something of value for you.

God bless you indeed. I am


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