Hi, I’m John Dennison. Welcome.

PeaceOptions is about finding your peace by addressing the inner and outer conditions that steal it.

We provide coaching and guidance to help bring peace to your affairs, including:

  • dealing with conflict;
  • relieving stress;
  • shifting perspectives, seeing new possibilities and making better choices;
  • finding hope, strength and direction; and
  • picking up the pieces when your world falls apart.

I started PeaceOptionssm with my wife Laura about 10 years ago. You can learn more about us here, and why they call me the Miracle Man here.   To summarize, by profession I was a lawyer and by avocation a spiritual teacher.

In earlier years I kept a balance between my legal self and the one involved in martial arts, meditation and the study of energy. 

Unfortunately, I wasn’t always successful at keeping them in balance. In fact, at one point the training side seemed nearly extinct as I focused on building a family and business.

It wouldn’t let me go, though. I was filled with discontent for the career I’d built and the ways required to succeed.

Moreover, it became harder and harder to deal with the conflicts I dealt with daily.   I could see the energies and interests involved on all sides, and realized those energies had to dissipate before peace could prevail.  Unfortunately, people only wanted to fight, and I was quickly nearing the point of no return.

So I turned inward to quiet the voices going off in my head and restore the balance I’d lost.

Then a severe illness led to an epiphany that sealed the deal.  It turned my life upside down, and redirected my focus even deeper inward until I was called to share my work on the inner voice and the possibilities it offers to transform our lives and  world.

Still, I tried to keep one foot in both worlds, juggling a law practice that got far too little of my energy with PeaceOptions and its sister project MissionLaunch, until the strain of keeping all the balls in the air became too much.  Another illness hit, even worse this time, when I nearly died, lingering for months before undertaking a long, arduous recovery.

But I’m still here, and the work of spreading peace through consciousness continues.

I share a way to peace built upon knowing yourself, listening to your inner voice, and using what you find to change your world.

Perhaps it can help you, too.

The path starts in you.  Only you can walk it.  But you don’t have to go it alone.

God bless you indeed. I am