Hi, I’m John Dennison. Welcome.

I started PeaceOptionssm with my wife Laura about 10 years ago. You can learn more about us here, and why they call me the Miracle Man here.

PeaceOptions is all about peace. Peace in you. Peace in your life. Peace in your world.

Too often when we do find peace, it’s fleeting. Life gets in the way, and we’re left holding the bag, wondering what happened to our reverie.

The trick is to find a deeper peace and a way to hold it when life conspires to steal it. And most importantly, how to find it again once it’s lost.

This brings me to spirituality. Or more particularly, our journey of awakening to the Source of life at our core.

I am a disciple on this journey, seeking the Light to better know my relationship to this Source, and how to use it in this life.

As such, my focus is upon:

  • the eternal nature of our inner being (or in common parlance, God and the God-aspect that comprises the soul);
  • cultivation of our energy fields (through prayer, meditation and right-living); and
  • reorientation of our egos to bring more of the light of the soul (Holy Spirit) into our outer affairs (more grace, less sin).

Applying these principles to our lives is the path of peace I share here at PeaceOptions.  The materials provided are breadcrumbs from my own understanding and experiences, laid so others may also find their way.

I offer them in hope they will help you find your way through the conflict and chaos with more peace in your time.

The path starts in you. The world you change will be your own.

God bless you indeed. I am

PS. By the way, I also write about politics and our systemic affairs. It’s a hot button topic that steals our peace.  Their power games distort our common affairs as they fight to impose their visions upon us rather than allowing us to pursue our own.

Applied spirituality changes us, as well as the game itself.  It changes how we play, what we play for, and how we deal with those who play by the old rules.

Consciousness is key to see what’s going on, both on and beneath the surface.  It allows us more choice over how we meet what the world serves up.

In short, I believe in the freedom of every soul to go its own way.  But that’s a subject for another day!