How to Best Use Our Website

PeaceOptions is intended to be a resource for your ongoing inspiration, training and self-development.

As you can see, it has many sections. Each is intended to help you focus on a particular part of your peace, and the underlying shift.  All are meant to help you take the next step in your journey toward peace and away from conflict as you set out to change your world.

At the core of it all is what’s at the center of you. Or more particularly, the inner voice that whispers to you from the silence. It is this perspective that we most hope you will take with you — that your inner being is alive and a dynamic part of this life you live, and the sooner you incorporate it into your efforts, the sooner you will find the peace you seek.

We suggest starting with a quick overview. Browse through our menu choices. Take note of some of the offerings within each. Most of all, try to see how they fit together into the bigger picture, and consider how they might impact the life you’re living.

There’s a lot to digest. We suggest coming back often, reading or watching a while, then sitting quietly to digest and process what you’ve found.

Take a few days and let it sink in. Sooner or later, your inner guidance will turn your attention to situations in your life or world, or conditions in you.  Follow them. Allow yourself to explore those aspects that draw your attention in more detail, particularly the experiences you’re getting and whatever meaning they hold for you.

As it does, new questions will arise. When they do, come back and try a little more. There’s no particular order. Just like putting together a puzzle, we’re pointing out the pieces to use in assembling your own. As you come to something new, set aside your beliefs and consider it carefully.  See if it holds value to you and where you are in your life. Or just stow it away for future use when the need arises.

No matter how you go about it, each step will be a valuable experience in your journey of awakening to what can be.

Be patient with yourself. Take your time. But bring persistent effort, always looking for more beneath the surface of what you see. For there is always more.

And if you need help, check out our services page for a coaching, training or consultation plan that’s right for you.

God bless you indeed.