Unintended Benefits from Your Struggles

questionmarkQ: I’ve been caught in a cycle of struggle for a while now. It hasn’t been pleasant, and puts a lot of strain on me and my family. However, afterwards when I stop to think about what happened, I can see how the situation was exacerbated by things going on within us that I’d never even considered. Am I nuts or what?

A: No, you aren’t crazy. You’re just beginning to see there’s more to life than meets the eye.

Even the difficulties of life are there to serve us, and you’re glimpsing some of the ways yours are serving you.

For instance, when arguments breakout, you’re probably beginning to realize those are often the tail-end in a long series of events that build up frustrations and anger, often triggering lifelong resentments and patterns that play out over and over again in our affairs.

You of course play your part in those disturbances, saying or doing something that either starts or keeps the ball rolling.

Keep in mind that you’re each playing out a carefully scripted part to allow you to see what’s going on within you. So rather than holding a grudge or judging each other harshly, perhaps you’ll now have the ability to say thanks.

Remember, though, that it is not your place to make sure the others involved “get” the significance of the lesson. Each much come to it in his or her own way.

If that means they harbor anger or resentment against you, allow them that choice to carry that burden without returning it in kind. Love them for their struggle to deal with life on face value. It will help them move through it with greater ease and grace.

Just know you did your part and gave them the gift of your participation, whether they value or understand it or not.

Now, realizing how these difficult situations are creating opportunities for you to learn a little more about the process of life, can you see that they are actually valuable gifts you’ve created for yourself, rather than the bane of your existence?

You are a powerful creator indeed. Enjoy your power.


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