Are you on a mission from God?

mission-from-godYou’re on a mission in this life, whether you know it or not. It has absolutely nothing to do with a sense of life purpose or doing or being anything in this world.

In a very real sense, it is a mission from God. For that’s from where you came.

Your mission is very simple. It is to discover you. Or more precisely, the hidden parts of you that never scratch the surface of your awareness. And then to choose how you will – or won’t – reflect them in your life.

The experiences your life brings are designed with one thing in mind — to lead you to explore your inner world and discover the unseen you.

This unseen you exists. It’s just that as an ego encapsulated within the physical body, you’re attention is naturally drawn to the concerns of the outer 3-dimensional world.

Too often, though, our attention gets so immersed in that outer world that we lose sight of the possibility that there could be anything more of us or anything else.

Note I say possibility of more. That’s because the human mind functions in a way that requires certainty, and all that it knows for certain (or thinks it knows) is that it exists within this outer world. Asking it to accept that there definitely is something more to it may be stretching it beyond the limits of its current capability, much like trying to stretch a muscle before the fibers are elongated after many years of practice.

Therefore the more that you are should be considered as a possibility for you to explore for yourself. And with each new discovery of something else that lies beneath your surface, you will cultivate the desire to know more.

So how is it that our life experiences can lead us to explore this inner ground?

For most of our lives we just collect experiences and file them away in our memory banks. Maybe we’ll drag them out when some new situation that crops up, remembering our earlier experience and allowing it to influence how we act now. Perhaps in an “aha” moment we’ll even apply something we “learned” before to deal with our current needs.

What we don’t realize is that experience sets off a process within us that shifts our perspective within the moment, and expands our awareness of all that is going on in it, especially within ourselves. The cumulative effect is to move us from where we were to some place totally different, and along the way reshape ourselves — at least the outer personality — into an image more suitable to the lives we want to live.

Why else would the hedonistic ways of youth give way to devotion to family and then to altruistic contributions to society as we age? Experience allows us to see ourselves in new and grander ways.

Most, if not all, of those experiences can be used in many ways. For the shift that is offered is not simply that of the maturing human being growing beyond its own needs and desires. Rather, each experience offers within it many layers of possibility to know more about ourselves, our motivations, and where our lives are created.

After all, fears, desires, expectations and judgments, among many other conditions, are always distorting how we see and go about our lives. But as we peel back the layers of what each experience offers, the impact of this inner baggage begins to be revealed, allowing us to choose whether it serves us, and if not to put it down.

It doesn’t stop there. Experience offers us a glimpse of synchronicity and coincidence that raise questions of whether some unseen hand is at work guiding our lives. Some experiences, such as psychic and paranormal phenomena, suggest the existence of an invisible world that somehow interacts with this one.

Moreover, meditation and other methods of going into the stillness allow us to sense the world of energy that subsists this physical reality. And beyond that the possibility of a presence, always watching our every thought and move, always waiting to see if we will open the door and invite it into our lives.

Is that all there is? Is any of this truly there within you? This I cannot tell you. I can only tweak your desire to know.

For it is the task of every being — you included — to find out for itself.

I do not ask you to start some great inner journey to do so, for you have been on that path every moment of your existence. I only suggest the possibility that there is more to you than you know, more to this world, and more to all that is.

You do not need some priest or guru to teach you. You know the way. It is through the life you are living right now, exactly the way it is.

Perhaps, though, the suggestion that there is more to you than you know will cause you to see your life in a new light. And if you do, maybe your relationship to that life — indeed, to the you that you now think you know — will shift in ways that may be hard to imagine by a mind that only sees with the tunnel vision of an ego totally focused on the outer world.

Whether you make this shift or not, the experiences your life brings will allow you to know yourself a little more in every moment.

This is the true gift of life, a gift you give yourself anew with every breath. Savor it. It’s the reason you’re here.


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