Do Faith, Hope and Charity Matter?

spinThese spin doctors are making me sick — and more than a little bit sad.

Yesterday I wrote about my reaction to the race-baiting being done by some talk show hosts and guest “experts” who somehow felt threatened by the 8/28 rally organized by Glenn Beck this past weekend in D.C.

Granted, these people were seeing it from the opposite end of the political spectrum from Beck and his crowd, who were openly committed to values like faith, hope and charity, as well as politically conservative in their approach to government and public affairs.

Instead of seeing it as a good thing for people to stand up for intrinsic values that embody the higher energies needed for ascension, not to mention to build a better world by restoring the good parts of the one we’ve already got, these talking heads painted it as a gathering of a right-wing lunatic fringe bent on destroying any hope of human decency and rolling back civil rights to pre-Civil War standards.

As one who understands the importance of increased communication in establishing better human relations, it really hurt to see how good people can fail or refuse to hear what was being said. The blinders of their political persuasions had convinced them that since Beck, who they see as attacking their president and policies, and Sarah Palin, the current darling of conservative politics, were both speaking at the rally, it could have no redeeming value — and that those who attended were similarly cast as well.

Back in the 60’s there were many who saw the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as a dark-skinned rabble rouser who was trying to incite a war between the races. And from that view, they were unable to hear or accept his message of love, peace and tolerance and judging people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin.

But these talking heads on the news were apparently incensed by the very prospect that the roots of their social revolution could be used against them. “How dare Beck and his lunatic followers try to usurp the King message and use it to advance their conservative principles and political agendas?”

I understand how they feel. Sometimes we get so enmeshed in what we believe that we outright reject anything that doesn’t fit neatly into our view of how things should be. And when someone outright opposes how and what we want to do, every little action is distorted and seen as an effort to upset our apple cart.

So rather than get into the spin game, I’ll ask you to consider for yourself how we can live our highest principles and attributes without triggering these political battles?

Faith, hope and charity are important spiritual concepts. They hold within them the very essence of spirituality and the creative powers at all of our fingertips. For life in this world isn’t just about creating our desires for ourselves. It’s about desiring to create something that not only brings us what we need, but also helps to build a better tomorrow for us all.

Maybe these principles would be easier to swallow by some if they were not held up by those who are seen in such a political light. But considering the state of our country, where are such principles needed more?

Of course, if one side vests their faith not in God but rather in an instrument like government by which life’s inequities and the ills humans inflict on each other can be more easily fought, then I can understand why they might feel threatened. And if they see that government as the best tool by which to do charity to those in need, their hope is more easily understood.

Liberal/progressives think their way is right and the conservative approach to trust that people will eventually do what’s right is foolhardy. Conservatives think the other guys are leading us down a rat hole from which there is no escape, and that the way of life they’ve known will be destroyed in the process.

So both are naturally suspicious of the other.

But when it comes down to it, we’ve got to somehow cut through all this crap and begin connecting to the hearts that are behind all the distorted messages. For I think that at that level, they pretty much agree on what we need. But when their minds get in and distort things with their political binders and interests, they move out of heart into a space where conflict is inevitable.

Maybe not everyone has evolved to a place where they even know their own hearts. And admittedly, not everyone’s is pure enough to be freed from the chains of power and self-interest. But I give everyone the benefit of the doubt, for I know the seed of love and light is within them, no matter how deeply it is buried.

Still, I am saddened by the inability of so many to even know what they feel at their core and to allow their hearts to guide them in their outer actions. For if these critical talking heads did that here, they would be able to hear the words being said and see for themselves that those in attendance were not there to fight them.

Instead, they were there to stand for loving themselves and living with integrity for the principles they hold highest. This is the standard that we all must strive for, and through such actions to become beacons of light that can show others the way. And no matter the speakers’ political leanings, nothing could take away from the fact that these people believe there is honor in living that way.

Maybe you think I’m wrong. Certainly the race card was played too much to distract people from this message. Then again, they’re probably right to roll out every tool they can use to keep us apart from each other and the source of our being.

For God help us all if the people were to realize that it isn’t the politics that matters, nor even the players, but rather the way we walk our talk and the standards we set for our children and generations to come.

However your political views play out, understand that I really don’t care about them or what you think in your mind. I care only about the color of your heart and your ability to hold yourself in a vibration that will allow you — and our world — to ascend to a better expression of what it can be.

I know you have it in you. Won’t you find a way to show it?

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