How we can build a better system?

photo-1428954376791-d9ae785dfb2dThings are tough out there, and many are losing hope they’ll ever get back to the kind of jobs and lifestyle they once had.

Their struggles to survive are triggering fears for their families’ welfare, and making them wonder if things will ever get better.

Most of us took for granted that those who wanted could find gainful work at a wage that could support them — and that a better life was within reach of all who were willing to go for it.

Now most of what used to be the middle class aren’t so sure.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and that hard-working middle class is finding their financial foothold slipping on the shifting sands of an economic and political system that is now revealed to serve the ruling class at their expense.

Then, when we turn on the news, all we can see is fight after fight over who gets to run the ship of state into the ground, leaving future generations of people like us to pick up the pieces.

Finding a Silver Lining

Some might say this is a time for concern, to wring our hands and cry out for help. And while help may very well be desperately needed, awakening souls may very well take another tack and rejoice that the time of changes is allowing us to choose for ourselves what we want our futures to be.

No longer must our future be determined by others, or by a system that predisposes some to material success while condemning others to abject failure.

Rather, it is allowing us all to look at our nation and the world around us and realize that it isn’t serving us very well the way things are — and that now we have the chance to create something different, at least for ourselves.

Not everyone wants things to change. They’ve learned to work the system to their benefit and are doing alright the way things are.

There are many others who do want change, but in a way that will allow them to impose their own vision upon all — and with it impose the controls needed to make it happen.

Sure, they may be intending good things. But from a spiritual standpoint, anything which restricts the power of choice goes against the grain of human nature (after all, who wants to be told what to do or how to live?), not to mention natural law.

The course of human history demonstrates an evolution of consciousness toward that freedom of choice, albeit it often came at a high price after war or extensive violence to overthrow the yoke of the status quo.

Absolute oppression and control gradually gave way to greater sovereignty of the people and freedom of individual choice — though, to be honest, both have often been ceded to the state in return for protection and benefits, or to favor one group or another.

Often those evolutionary changes came in times of great turmoil as well that upset the lives of ordinary people.

Now our system is quaking once again, and those who usurped it for money, power or influence are feeling the heat. The people are rising up against them, though that movement is still in its infancy.

Breaking Away

Those who are most affected by the turmoil — among whom are the disenfranchised, the unemployed, the homeowners facing foreclosure, the small businesses on the brink, and the servers whose missions are not supporting their needs — are now getting the chance to turn away from that system and create something that better serves them.

While the loss of our old identities and ways of life may come at a high cost, we are getting in return the freedom to better know what’s important to us and choose another way. Facing the challenge of surviving in an uncertain environment where the old opportunities are no longer available to us, we are being forced to let go of the lives we once knew and try something else.

This isn’t happening so we can slide into the gutter, but so we can get to work on something new and better. For it is forcing us to develop new ways of expressing and supporting ourselves that are not subject to the vagaries of that hostile environment — and whether we know it or not, to begin work on a new system that can better create the kind of future we want.

It isn’t limited to turning away from careers through which we trudged in mind-numbing routine for a paycheck that was barely enough to live on.

For we now have the power to recreate the common affairs of the nation and outer world with which we interact — to turn away from those who practice greed and self-interest and embrace those who seek a more balanced relationship between self and others.

Moreover, we don’t have to give lip service to our highest attributes and then get down in the dirt because it’s necessary to get by. Instead, we can choose to live in a way that reflects the attributes we hold dearest without feeling we have to sell our souls just to get by.

But to accomplish this will not simply happen because we wish it so. We must steel our resolve and move confidently into the uncertainty of how we’ll get there, knowing that what serves us serves the whole and that what we do to serve the whole serves us as well.

Saying No to the Controllers

This doesn’t mean people will suddenly give up their individuality. Unlike those who espouse socialized or Marxist systems that gives the state power to set the course for the whole, we now have the chance to begin creating a new society that empowers everyone to go their own way while adding their contribution to the common good.

Similarly, neither does it mean continuing to embrace a system that rewards those who blindly seek their own interest with utter disregard for others or the world we live on, nor patronizing those who use their size, wealth or position to impose their will to advance those interests.

Instead, it means taking a time out from the system as we know it and the political and economic battles taking place within it. And during that time out, allowing our energies to reset and our souls to guide us to another way.

Then, by following the inspiration of those whispers from the silence, to reconstruct our lives and the system in which we live in a way that honors the source of life within all.

The way it points to will probably involve seeking out others who have turned toward their own light and welcome a cooperative spirit for the good of all.

Beyond that, it will ultimately require us to learn new ways of creating our lives, recognizing the power of intention and aligned action that creates the experiences we need in the kind of lives we want. It may also require we learn to work with thought and emotion in new ways, and develop new patterns of behavior and belief with which to construct our lives.

How will we do this? Only by going within to know ourselves and what we’re really all about so we can begin to achieve that state of balance gracefully rather than by imposition of anyone’s will, not even our own in self-sacrifice for the whole.

Once we do, a new way of living will emerge as we discover how the effective use of our creative energies can create a new reality that provides for our needs without the struggle and conflict by which we now go about our lives.

Creating a Parallel Society of Awakening Souls

We can begin such a jump by developing our own social infrastructure along with the institutions and systems needed to keep us moving along such a track. Perhaps everyone else won’t want to come along, and if not, that’s okay. For we must still co-exist within their greater society.

Yet no matter the push of the powers that be or the tug of the status quo, we must maintain our direction and identity, and make our stand to remain autonomous beings that are choosing to create their lives in another way — one that will hopefully have us consciously creating the desired future together rather than succumbing to the fears and desires that have left our world in such turmoil.

It has been prophesied that there will be a separation, and that those who choose to ascend will remain here to build a golden age upon this earth. And those who don’t will continue on their existing course, either here or elsewhere, without taking efforts to build the new world down with them.

I don’t know if any of this is true. Nor do I think it requires a belief that it will be so.

All I do know is that the beliefs and practices by which we’ve built our current society are causing us needless pain and hardship, not to mention limitation and lack inherent within them.

I for one do not want a world of continued conflict over will and desire, fueled by fear over what might never be. I want a world of peace, prosperity and possibility — and I am willing to work to make it happen.

Therefore I suggest we can see the challenges of our deteriorating social structure as a way to move beyond that status quo, and as its hold loosens, to develop a greater ability to get where we really want to go.

The Future You Want Starts Within You

That work started within me, and led me on this quest to help you through these difficult times and set out on the work you came to do. If you are to be part of this vanguard (as always, it remains your choice), you have to do that work for yourself.

You must know yourself and what your life is — or can be — about. And through it, to understand that you have incarnated in these changing times to explore new ways to relate to each other and the world around you.

I know you struggle greatly with the challenges of your life, in whatever form they take. Just know that those struggles are not in vain.

Try to use them to find the light within you, and to follow it to the life you came to live, and add your contribution to the kind of world you came to live it in.

I know that you can. I pray that you will.

God bless you indeed.


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John Dennison

John Dennison

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John is a recovering lawyer, spiritual teacher and sepsis survivor. He speaks for peace through knowing yourself and changing your world. His book, "Whispers in the Silence - Living by the Light of Your Soul," is a guide to listen to your inner voice.

John offers a free report, "5 Minutes That Can Change Your World," at, and provides coaching and guidance to awakening souls.
John Dennison

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John is a recovering lawyer, spiritual teacher and sepsis survivor. He speaks for peace through knowing yourself and changing your world. His book, "Whispers in the Silence - Living by the Light of Your Soul," is a guide to listen to your inner voice. John offers a free report, "5 Minutes That Can Change Your World," at, and provides coaching and guidance to awakening souls.