Sometimes You’ve Got to Make a Stand

Our world has lost its mind, not to mention its moral compass.

Political correctness.  Moral relativism.  Social engineering. All good intentions gone bad.

They erode the sovereignty of the self in favor of standards imposed by others who think they know what’s best for us all.

To them, individuality is subordinate to the collective will, where individual rights exist only to support their vision.   All others are to be silenced, or worse.

It clashes with the inner way, which embraces the awakening of each individual soul on its journey to wholeness — achieved internally and activated by the inner voice, not by imposition of any government or social order.

It creates a conflict that the awakening soul must overcome to move forward, both on the spiritual path and toward a better life in a better world.

It is from within this conflict we must work to do justice to them both.  This is the challenge of our times.

John Dennison

John shares insights and perspectives from the spiritual path on awakening, service, and the interaction of our inner and outer worlds.

His book, "Whispers in the Silence - Living by the Light of Your Soul," is a guide to listen to your inner voice and break free of the inner conditions that keep you locked in struggle and conflict.

John offers a free report, "5 Minutes That Can Change Your World," at http://bit.ly/1QwNenb, and provides training and guidance to awakening souls.
John Dennison

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