Components for Building a Life that Serves You

puzzleYour life is important, for it brings experiences that expand your awareness of who you are and what you’re all about. In addition, as the consciousness of your soul grows, it expands that of all creation.

What’s more, we each contribute to our common reality, carrying within us a piece of a puzzle that when assembled can build heaven on earth (or cause it to degenerate into a living hell).

This is the idea behind PeaceOptions, established to help you make your journey through life in a better way so you can add your contribution to our world.

So with that said, let me outline the seven elements of our vision behind PeaceOptions:


Many are caught in situations that demand so much attention they’re unable to even consider anything else.

We want to help them move through these difficult times in a better way. This is the intention behind, Surviving the Breakup, as well as our life coaching.


Adding your contribution, as well as making your own evolutionary journey, depend heavily on hearing your inner voice and knowing how to use it.

You’ll remember my first book was, Whispers in the Silence, Living by the Light of Your Soul. It was intended to help you hear and follow your inner voice as you traveled through life.

It is also the subject of my CD, The Art of Going Your Way.

So you can see, I put a lot of emphasis on hearing it. Because it is your connection to the source of your life, the lifeline through which God speaks to all creation.


A critical element of our evolution — not to mention the future of our world — is moderating the influence of ego, not by crushing it but by enlisting it as a willing participant in your efforts to become whole.

It’s an important aspect of hearing your inner voice, and the process of its cultivation is laid out in detail in Whispers in the Silence.

I’ll be addressing it more in the weeks ahead.


There are a lot of teachings about reality these days. Not all work for everyone.

We’re trying to simplify the process for you so you can make your life better serve you. Our Reality Dialogs with Seth and other programs are part of that effort.

If you’re to build a better life, and all of us a better world, we need to perfect our ability to use these principles, and then to begin applying them in concert, which leads us to our next major aspect.
Last year you heard me talk a lot about community. Well, more is on the horizon.

But this year I’m not going to try to convince you to come together. That’s up to you, and if and when it is right for you, you will.

Instead, I’ll be talking a lot about Conscious Co-Creation, and offering workshops to help communities move beyond the influence of ego and conduct their affairs in ways that simultaneously serve the community, its individual members, and the greater society of which they are a part.

We’ll also be building a hub by which communities can connect and share their stories of conscious co-creation, and develop a working system by which people and communities can better work together to create their individual and common visions.


Yes, our world’s a mess. But we’re not going to dwell upon what’s wrong.

Instead, our focus is going to be on what we can do to change it.

So we’ll be starting initiatives to do that, both through our own advocacy as well as offering training to empower you to do your part.

What kind?

Like establishing new economic systems, working for constitutional reforms, and empowering individuals to take responsibility for the conduct of their common affairs (government).


We believe that Ascension opens the door for mankind to go in a new direction, and we are working to make that happen.

I’ll be talking a lot about the formation of new systems and institutions and ways of conducting our affairs.

We’ll be discussing in detail the principles and practices needed to move into a 5th dimensional awareness, including those laid out in the Awakening Manifesto and other books soon to come.

And last but not least, there’s a status quo world that doesn’t embrace change, so we’ll be showing you how to engage it in a way that not only allows you to keep moving toward where you want to go, but invites them to come along as well.

This is the idea behind our consulting practice, where we’ll be offering our expertise to grow your missions and develop your projects to make a difference in the world.



These are just some of our ideas. What are yours? What are the tools and components by which you build your life?

We’d like to know.


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John Dennison

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