Wanted: Awakening Souls in Struggle and Conflict


In my excitement over the opportunities offered by these challenging times, I seem to be missing some important traveling companions.

They’re part of a widespread group of very special people — special not because of any particular abilities or station in life, but because of an invisible bond formed before birth by agreement of our souls to awaken and add their contributions to a better tomorrow. I’ll tell you more about that agreement in a minute.

Unfortunately, I don’t know their names or where they’re located. Perhaps if I give you a description, you might be able to help me find them.

There’s an urgency to my search. You see, they’re having a difficult time. In fact, I can feel their pain. It is so real at times that I want to break out in tears myself.

Inside I can see their faces and hear their cries. It’s haunted me for a while now, but though I’ve found some, for the most part God has kept us apart while he prepared me to fulfill my sacred oath.

It’s as if they’re calling me. But why, you ask?

It certainly is not for me to end their suffering or struggles. They need the situations bringing them for life themes they’re exploring, to work off karma or ready them for what’s to come.

Some of their pain probably results from the current economic and financial meltdown, symptoms of a world that no longer functions as it did before.

Other aspects of it, though, come from being stuck in a rut of discontent with lives that no longer fit, caught in an invisible web of attachment to that which no longer serves them.

Yet intuitively they know there is more to life than they know or are getting now. And for most, an unfulfilled desire to make a difference, even if they aren’t quite sure how. Moreover, something inside won’t let them rest until they do.

You see, they’re awakening souls who are here to help build a New World, each carrying a piece of a puzzle that when assembled will create heaven on earth.

At the moment many of these souls aren’t even aware of their awakening or calling, their contribution and piece of the vision locked away for safekeeping lest it be dashed on the rocks of disillusion and hardship.

In fact, many are so bogged down in the struggles of their own lives that they’re unable to consider anything else until free of their hold.

This is where I come in.

I hope they’ll allow me to  guide them through these challenges and the difficult times to come, not so much to show them where to go as how to get there — with peace and certainty free of the conflict and struggle that now holds them back and makes our world such a challenging place to live.

Along the way I will offer them practices and perspectives that can enhance their awakening and help them shift how they see themselves and conduct their affairs so they don’t carry the problems of this world into the one we’re here to create.

It’s a calling for which I’ve been preparing for many years, one predicted by a Buddhist monk almost a decade ago. For a while I thought she was nuts, but when numerous other prophecies said the same thing, I began to believe. It didn’t hurt that the urgings of my own inner voice confirmed it, too, and led me on a journey that revealed things I’d never before dreamed of.

Anyway, that’s the story. Perhaps it sounds strange, but I’m hoping you can help me find them.

So I ask you, does this sound like anyone you know? If you have seen them please drop me a line, or send them to PeaceOptions.com.

And if you’re one of these awakening souls, I’m glad you’re here. We’ve got quite a journey ahead of us.

It is an exciting time indeed!


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John Dennison

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