Enjoy the Show

Hi, there. How do you like the shutdown? Are you enjoying the show? 

I think it’s fascinating. 

Imagine, who would have thought the whole world could shut down over concern for the weakest among us? 

I mean, healthy people caught up in the daily pursuit of power and profit are staying home in fear of an invisible invader that threatens all, but especially the old and infirm with other health conditions. 

Normally these are the ones nature culls from the herd, the first to go when natural selection takes over. But not so at the moment. 

I’m glad in a selfish sense, since I’m in several of those high-risk categories. But I’m even more intrigued with how humanity is meeting this challenge. 

I see definite signs of the goodness in many hearts, with caring, sacrifice and acts of kindness all around. 

But I also see too much darkness as well, with hoarding, profiteering and reckless disregard for others. And that’s without mentioning the political wars that never seem to end, or the prospects for social unrest ahead. 

I like to look for meaning and context in life-changing events. I see a few now. 

First is the test for humanity, and how the collective consciousness has evolved. So far I see some good signs. 

Second, it may mark the start of the prophesied great separation so those of goodness and light can shine and the meek can inherit the earth.

Or it may not, and just be another blip on the Akashic record that our souls will one day look back on and say, “Wow. Wasn’t that something?” 

Until then, peace and godspeed. 


John Dennison
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