Life Support for the Spiritual Path

Has your life been a bed of roses since you started down the spiritual path?  I sure hope so, but most of us aren’t so lucky.  Somehow, life just keeps getting in the way.

But why?

The way I’ve seen it, reality serves up situations that bring us the experiences our souls need to evolve — and which we came into this life to get.  In fact, that’s been at the core of my spiritual teachings over the years.

Those are hard enough when we’re “asleep” and unaware of our spiritual identities, much less the process of our evolution on the path of return to Oneness and unity consciousness with God.

Religion makes that path easy.  It takes the guesswork out of it, laying out dogma and behavioral guidelines that help with that preparation.

But sooner or later, the religious heritage of our past no longer serves us.  Our expanding consciousness no longer fits neatly into the four squares of what our religions promise, setting off a chain reaction that ultimately causes us to look elsewhere for answers.

That could come from a spiritual experience.  Or a life crisis.  Or just happen gradually over time.  How and when don’t matter.  What does is our old beliefs don’t fit the changes we’re being nudged to make in us and in our lives.

Rather than being some transformation that sweeps over us and magically makes our lives wonderful, these changes that mark our “awakening”  often upset the apple carts we’ve carefully constructed to carry us through life.  So we seek new ones that better serve where we find ourselves along the path.

It’s almost like we become strangers in a strange land.  Careers no longer work.  Relationships can fall away, too, as people we once were close to now look at us like we’re nuts, often treating us as pariahs threatening their very existence and ways of life.

Even our health can fail — sometimes a trigger, sometimes as a result.

And we’re left dangling in the wind, nudged on by a soul that wants more in a world that’s going another way.

Worse, responsibility for our upheaval falls squarely upon our shoulders for the choices and perceptions we’ve made along the way.

For 20 years I’ve tried to shine a light on that journey and how to make it in ways that serve us, as well as the world.  Through thick and thin, ups and downs, good times and bad, God has called me to continue on to empower those called to awaken and add their contribution.

Many times I’ve felt like a pinball bouncing off one obstacle just to hit another.  For as soon as I made headway in one direction, such as my book on the inner voice, God spun the dial and sent me off in a new direction.  And then another.  And another.  Then back again.  Over and over it went.

The constant shifting of my attention made me think I was going nuts.  Failure and frustration took their toll, and nearly killed me 6 years ago.  But I was kept around to try again — until the mosaic I was creating began to take shape.

WhisperZone for guidance on the spiritual path.  PeaceOptions for — well, you know –  peace in your time.  MissionLaunch to make your difference in the world.  Back to my law practice.  Then on to videos and podcasting.  And let’s not forget the blogging.  Lots and lots of blogging, trying to lay breadcrumbs to make your journey a little easier.

Round and round and round it went.  I was spinning like a top.  And no matter how hard I tried to quit, God wouldn’t let me.  Those voices kept whispering, pushing, demanding I get up and keep going.

To where I didn’t know. 

All I knew was that without my attention and effort focused in any one direction, I couldn’t do any of them justice in the way I’d hoped.

Lately, I’ve been guided to stop and look back at the bigger picture of what I’ve done — laying out a path to help you travel yours with a little more peace, ease and direction — and the inspiration to continue despite the obstacles life puts in your way.

Now I’m asked to remind you that your struggles and sacrifices are happening for a purpose, not only to accelerate your awakening but also to help uplift our world from the darkness that lurks all around.

I don’t know where you fit in or what you have to offer.  I only know you don’t have to go it alone.

If you find yourself caught in the web of awakening, unable to go forward to where you want to go, but also powerless to go back to where you started, don’t despair.  Sometimes a minor shift can help you break through to take your next step, whatever it is.

I’m here to help.  My website at was recently revamped (yes, that was ANOTHER of those projects I thought were dead-ends) to provide a single portal for all of my work.  

There I offer consultations to deal with whatever’s getting you down or holding you back, and helping you focus on what’s going on inside you and what it has to do with the life being served up for your consumption.

If you need help, please visit me there, or through any of my other sites linked above.

Thanks for listening, and for making this journey to the light with me.  God bless you indeed.

John Dennison
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