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Newsletter January 2019

Hey, there.  John here.


Happy New Year, by the way.  I just wrote 2019 for the first time. Incredible. Time has passed so fast, like a blink of the eye.


As I sit here, I wonder what it was I wanted to talk with you about.  There were a lot of things on my mind, but those are gone with the wind.  


So bear with me and let’s discover together what comes out.


Those of you who’ve followed me for a while will know I follow my inner voice.  It’s at the core of all I do. I started almost 20 years ago when I turned my life over to my inner master.


“Teach me,” I pleaded, deep in one of those dark nights of the soul triggered by a past life regression in Sedona a few months earlier.  


I’d been a seeker and student of qi for several decades at that point.  Meditation. Martial arts. Qigong. The whole kit and kaboodle.


So it did.  It led me on a great journey that turned my life upside down.  But that’s another story for another day.


Anyway, I do things when the spirit moves me (to borrow a cliche from my dear, departed Grandma Bessie).  And this last year it’s been intermittently moving me all over the place, yet simultaneously leaving me standing still right where I was.


Movement.  Grand, sweeping movement that brought many things.  Getting back to law. Surgery. Marrying off a son. Gathering new perspectives.  Creating a podcast. Recreating old websites and launching a new one. Breathing life into all parts of my vision and readying it for what’s to come. Or maybe won’t.


Cloaked in no movement at all.  Self-imposed isolation. Barely any outreach or contact with much of anyone.  Intermittent content creation, and then rarely in the same direction twice. Worse, lacking any real desire to push through the down times when it wasn’t telling me where to go or what to do.


Thy will be done, after all.


I’m telling you, I was spinning like a top.  In many ways I still am.


One thing I’m clear on, however, is why I’m doing this — the intention that fuels the obsession that keeps me on this path.


That intention is to become whole — or more precisely, to know the Oneness that lies at my core.  It calls me, and bids me open a door through which it can work in this world.


I don’t know that I will make it in this life.  Christianity promises it can, and if anyone can make it happen, Jesus can.  But I’m not exactly what most people would call a good Christian. Between the Tao and the Law of One, they’d burn me for heresy.


Besides, I’ve been around so many times, and serve where I’m called.  If that means coming back again, so be it.


I just feel, though, that our world is on the cusp of a great transformation to a time of peace, so don’t let all the conflict you see in the world fool you.


Like you, I’ve heard the stories.  But I don’t put much faith in stories, even though I’ve written some of them myself.  


I try to take it one day and one breath at a time.


What I see is an exciting, if turbulent, time ahead.  It promises to be a wild ride, and if we get too caught up in what we see playing out, it could be very rough indeed.


Events are unfolding that will test the very core of what we’re all about.  Our identities. Our beliefs. Our meaning for life, and the approaches we take to live it.


There’s no way to navigate it clearly.  Reason and emotion are at odds. Vision is clouded, too.  History won’t help. Many unforeseen and unintended situations will arise that will challenge us to bring out our best, while usually bringing out our worst.


The only way through is by following your inner voice.  Because to do so you have to moderate your ego and let go of what you want — or don’t.


Such methods once were called traveling the spiritual path.  Now they’re needed just to survive in the world ahead.


It’s not just that our inner guide knows where to lead us.  Of course it does, subject to our free will and intentions.


It’s also because the ways of our past don’t fit with the energies of our future, and trying to do things the same old ways just won’t work the way they used to.  And trying to make them will only lead to frustration, failure and conflict.


Believe me, I know.  They’ve been driving that point home for years.


The focus, the intention, must be upon knowing God and finding the Oneness at our core.  That starts by recognizing that everything and everyone is part of us, and we are a part of them — if, in no other way, than in the core energies that make up the matter of our bodies and physical world and set in motion the common reality formed by our collective consciousness.


It is this realization of Oneness, and the merger into unity consciousness, that lies ahead in the dimensions to come.  Light and love are the ways to get there. While we’re here we have to try.


I hope to be able to shine a little light on the path in the months to come, along with my vision for how we might get through it in a better way.  Or not.


So anyway, that’s where I think I’m headed.  We’ll see if I’m green-lighted to share what I’ve learned along the way..


Until next time, may God’s love and light shine upon you and bring you peace.


In the name of the One, the All, and the Source, I pray.


John Dennison
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