Newsletter June 2019 – Changes

You are so much more than you know.  Whatever that is, there is always more.  Traveling the spiritual path is about finding it — even within the confines of this life you’re living.

In fact, that life unfolds to inspire that search, along with the transformation that is triggered by what you find along the way.

Today we want to look at the changes that have marked that journey.  As Bowie sang, “Ch-ch-ch-changes.  Turn and face the strange.”

What better way to face the changes ahead than by taking stock of the ones that have already happened?

So let’s get at it.
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John’s Message

Let’s talk about your spiritual journey.  No, not the one of your soul as it works its way back to our Creator and the Oneness at our core.  That has to remain shrouded in mystery, a possibility dangled as a reward for good behavior and sacrifice of your fears and desires to the higher cause of the Oneness we all serve.

The journey I want to talk about is your journey through this life.  That’s really all that matters anyway — how you see, create, gather and process the experiences your life is bringing.

Look back over your life at how you’ve changed.  Amazing, isn’t it?  And in so many ways, to boot!  It’s almost as if the person you were no longer exists, if not for the continuity of memories and personality traits you bear.

Most of those changes didn’t happen because you consciously intended them.  Instead, the person you’ve become unconsciously grew into what you are now, shaped by myriad individual experiences that were often thrust upon you by a cruel reality that cared less for your feelings than about your survival.

Probably some of those changes involved your spiritual life.

Somewhere along the way you picked up this belief in something more than what you know your world to be.  Maybe it’s a belief in God.  Maybe it’s just a belief in yourself, that you’ve discovered hidden aspects of you that you can only attribute to an existence beyond this reality.

It is this relationship that I ask you to examine.  How do you see the unseen world(s)?  How do you picture the source of your being?  Most of all, how do you reconcile the way you are and the life you’re living with the beliefs you hold about God and the afterlife?

Are you living in a way that expands you?  Do your spiritual beliefs cause you to act for others’ expansion?  Or at their expense?

Or are you struggling to moderate the rough edges of ego that keep reminding you that you’re not perfect and that you haven’t succeeded in attaining whatever objective you hold for yourself — whether materially in this world, via relationships with others, or spiritually bringing you closer to self-realization and reunion into Oneness?

How you answer doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you see your life as a process of change that forces you to reconcile — and constantly adjust — what you are with what you want or hope to become.

If you’re on the spiritual path, that means somehow moving closer to your spiritual destination while dealing with the dramas that life serves up for you.  These situations challenge and test you to your very core.  That’s why you’re here, and why they happen.

Awakening brings consciousness to this process.  It doesn’t make it any easier.

In fact, awakening sometimes it makes it much harder. because your spiritual perspectives lead you to certain actions that may not necessarily be conducive to living in a material world — like when loving others bumps up against the need to love yourself.

These changes we call awakening, though, allow us to exercise free will over how we will meet and use the experiences our lives bring — assuming we have the presence of mind and ability to moderate our basest attributes in ways that reflect the best we find inside.

Your journey along the spiritual path, then, has very little to do with your spiritual beliefs.  It has to do with how you work with and within the egoic distortions that impact your affairs.

Are you loving?  Are you kind?  Are you caring and compassionate, and if so, for whom?  

Most of all, who don’t you love, or allow to be as they are?  Who do you try to impress your will upon?  Who do you allow to impose theirs upon you?

When you look at yourself and how you’ve changed, be sure to examine how those changes impact how you live your life, and what you contribute to the reality in which you find yourself.

Where is your life headed?  What are the changes now happening, or see coming down the road? 

Only by examining your life can you put it into the context of your spiritual journey — at least, that part of your spiritual journey that is this life.

It is only this moment that matters. How will you use it to expand who you know yourself to be and better reflect in the life you’re living today?

Hopefully the answers to where you’ve been will help you better get where you’re trying to go from here.

This is the process of awakening.  The changes never end.  How you use them might.  Your job is to manage those changes so they bring you closer to the destination you seek.

God bless you indeed.

John Dennison
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