How Do You Deal With Struggle?

jd-rehab-photo_optStruggle and suffering are everywhere in our world. So don’t be surprised if you find a little in your life, too.

Don’t think that because you’re having some troubles in your life that you’re the only one struggling right now. Many are going through it in various ways.

The question is, how do you struggle? What are you going to do with it?

After all, you created this situation for the experience it’s bringing you. What are you getting from it?

Is it triggering fears? Making you despondent or depressed? Is it causing you to judge yourself for failing to do one thing or another that you might have done to lead you down a different path?

Most of the time we try to buck ourselves up and push through whatever’s welling up at the moment. But that’s the last thing we should do. Rather, we created it to be experienced.

So go ahead. Be depressed. Or afraid. Or judgmental. You have my permission.

But realize that you are more than the personality that is experiencing these feelings. You are the self at your core, where your soul looks on in dispassionate observation, always loving, always connected, and always offering light to guide you through the darkness.

It is here that you are connected to your source, the place of knowing where the silence bears all that is and can be. It is here that your inner voice speaks to tell you how you might better use these experiences and move through them to the ones to come.

You are more than the mind that experiences these emotions and generates the thoughts that trigger them. You are the love and light within that never gets upset, that never suffers, and never struggles in any aspect of its existence.

Perhaps from such a perspective you might see that in now doing so, you are giving yourself a great gift. For what greater gift can one give to the source of all that is than the experience of separation from it and then the joy of remembering that connection and drawing upon it to move through the darkness of life’s difficulties?

Yes, these can be challenging times. No doubt about it. But you didn’t create them alone. We all came to create them together, to experience them together, to use and move through them together to discover something more about who we are and what we’re all about.

If you think you are only the encapsulated ego caught in the throes of a life turned upside down, then you may find it difficult to find the value of what you have created for yourself.

Moreover, you may have denied others the gift of how you might use it for their benefit, to ease their way and help them connect more closely to their source as well.

But if you see your life as does your soul from its perch on high, periodically diving into the depths of darkness to find the light that exists even there and how it can be used to illuminate the path for you and those whose lives you touch, then perhaps you can take solace from the temporality of the moment’s struggles.

“This too shall pass,” a wise man once said.

But the self at your core never can. It will not die if your body does. It will not bear pain if you are beaten or oppressed. It will not carry with it fear or hardship if you lose your home and are forced to start over, some how and some way.

Your soul will use those experiences as only it knows how, always expanding in its awareness that it is never separated from its source. Just like you are never separated from it. You are it all. You are one.

Your life is an illusion of separation in which you immerse yourself. When you realize you are not separate, then you will draw from that soul the love and light you have inside to pierce the darkness in your life and lead you through it in the way it needs to go. Without struggle. Without suffering. And always with peace.

Be the peace that you are, my friend. It starts by finding the silence within.

If you need help doing so, don’t hesitate to ask for help. That’s what we’re here for.


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