Another Year, Another Struggle? #peace #consciousness #spirituality

Here we go again. 2018 is now underway for a whole week now. So what’s different for you?

Did you make resolutions to do or be better than you were?  If so, have you broken them already?

I don’t believe in resolutions. They never seem to work for me. Setting specific tasks or goals just isn’t my thing.  I’m more of a “when the spirit moves me” kind of guy.  After all, that’s the path I’ve recommended at PeaceOptions for so many years.

Over the years I certainly have, however.  And like most everyone else, I’ve fallen far short of the objectives. So I just don’t even try any more.  It just led me deeper into struggle trying to make things work, to little avail.

But I do perform a thorough year-end review of where I am and how I got there, and where I want to go in the year ahead.  That was my December.  I like to pretend it helps me hit the ground running, though it seems like more of a crawl so far in 2018.

Spirit’s not so good with calendars.  It works on Divine timing, and waits for the tumblers to align within me before it shows me the next step on my journey.  So I keep on keepin’ on with whatever it’s pointed me to last until it thinks I’ve had enough and get whatever it is I’m supposed to be getting.

Now it’s the second week of 2018 and the fog of illness is lifting  It was a rough holiday period when I got that virus that’s going around. But as most things, that too has passed and now it’s on to 2018 and setting in motion all of the things that year-end review brought up for me to play with this year.

At the top of the list is more audio and video.  More programs.  More often. And with more regularity.

Really, though, my intentions have little to do with doing more.  Rather, they’re about HOW I go about doing whatever it is I will do.

For my intention is to put struggle behind, and to bring more peace and ease into every aspect of my life.  Especially PeaceOptions.

Yet as this intention begins to manifest, it is taking me ever-deeper down the rabbit hole of possibility on what this system of applied spirituality can offer to make your world a better place.

That in turn is shifting my focus toward new ways of helping you “get it.”

One of those new ways is a podcast.  It seems so foreign to me, yet exciting at the same time.  Change is good, I guess.  I hope you’ll take a listen as new episodes are posted.

Videos are coming, too. But I can only do so much at once. Let’s get the podcast up and running before we circle back to serve those who prefer to see things another way.

But before I go, let’s take a moment to talk about you and your intentions for this new year.

What were your resolutions? What do you hope to do or be different from what you were before?  What results do you hope to achieve?

Behind them all is an intention.  What’s yours?

Get clear on your intentions. It’s the only way to get where you want to go.

Why not start today?  The world you change will be your own.


John Dennison

John is a voice for peace, purpose and possibility through knowing and changing yourself to change your world.

His book, "Whispers in the Silence - Living by the Light of Your Soul," is a guide to listen to your inner voice and break free of the inner conditions that keep you locked in struggle and conflict.

John offers a free report, "5 Minutes That Can Change Your World," at http://bit.ly/1QwNenb, and provides training and guidance to awakening souls.
John Dennison

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