To Arm, or Not to Arm – That is the Question

Well, should you?

With so much rancor and ill-will being spewed over guns after the recent spate of mass murders, it’s hard not to have a position.  I’m sure that whatever yours is, you can justify it with loads of data to support your position. But truly, whose mind are you changing? Certainly not yours.

Nor mine.

But this is not meant to be a political question, but a practical one. Guns are allowed in our country, and a lot of people have them. Good guys. Bad guys. And everyone in between.  The important question today, however is this.

How will you protect yourself in times of crisis?

I know your answer if you’re a “gun nut.” But what if you’re not, but you see what’s going on in the world and you’re scared it could happen to you? Or determined that it won’t?

Set aside those puppeteers who work behind the scenes to manipulate us through our fears and desires, along with their lies and deceit. Most of them don’t want us to have guns. They don’t want us to speak freely, either. Or any other expression of our individuality and beliefs, for that matter.

They just want us to be meek, mild sheep that they can make do what they want, herding us like cattle to give them whatever power or wealth they want at the moment.  No guns makes them stronger and their ultimate takeover easier. So let’s put them out of our minds for now.

Just think about yourself. And your family.

It’s frightening to consider the possibility that you won’t be safe, whether in your homes, on the streets, or in large public events.


A Matter of Choice

So what are your choices? You’ve only got a few.

  1. Give in to your polarity. Jump into the highly-charged gun debate. Pick a side and fight to your heart’s content. Just don’t expect to win, or for it to make much of a difference other than to rile you up some more. The only ones that will are those who gain advantage from the schism that divides us, like the puppeteers mentioned above.
  2. Do nothing and hope/pretend it will never happen to you. That you will never suffer a home invasion. That you will never be car-jacked, or robbed on the street. And that you will never be present anywhere where a mass murderer is lurking and ready for business.
  3. Arm yourself, whether at home and/or through legal carry.

Not much of a choice, is it?

Even self-defense training only goes so far, and unless you’re that guy who catches bullets in his teeth, you probably aren’t bullet proof.

You can’t rely on the government to help you. Cops do great work most of the time, but rarely do they stop most crime, especially not murders. And never mass murders, or else we’d be erecting statues to the heroic officers who saved us from the worst of humanity. As it should be.

But there isn’t a police force in the world who can respond in time to save you if some criminal pulls a gun.

(Yeah, I know a lot of you wished they didn’t have them, and wistfully dream of the day that no one would have guns except for the police — not even the criminals. But don’t forget those puppeteers who would be all too happy to turn those legal police guns on you, dissenting citizens who stand up against that which they think is not right.  But I digress.)

It’s a fact of life that bad guys have guns, and aren’t afraid to use them.  If you haven’t had to face them, wonderful. But too many have and have been at their mercy, unarmed and unable to deter them from whatever evil intent fills their minds.

So if this should happen to you, do you want to just roll over and play dead, thinking, “Do to me what you will?”

Or do you even want to have a chance to defend yourself and have some semblance of control over whether you live to see another day?

The time to reflect is not after it’s happened. That’s like locking the barn door after the horse is gone.

The time to decide is now, or at least before the impossible should happen to you.

Set aside your political beliefs. Set aside your ideas about guns. Set aside your fears of doing harm, or desires for some utopia that doesn’t exist and probably never will, at least not in your lifetime.

As you do, remember Dirty Harry’s famous line:

“Do you feel lucky?”

Well, do you?

Because if you don’t, perhaps you might want to explore training in the safe and responsible use of firearms, and even consider getting an appropriate one for yourself when the time is right.

Either way, I don’t care. I just want you to survive and be here to help build a better world.  And yes, firearms used properly can help you do that.

But then, as a sentient being you probably know that already, and just need to resolve the issues surrounding them to your own satisfaction and peace of mind.

As for me, I already have.  There are enough of the bad guys out there. Even the ones who don’t think they are.

Despite my commitment to peace, and the horrifying prospect of taking a life, I want to be prepared to meet the most severe and threatening of circumstances and come out on the other side.

Considering how crazy the world is right now, I don’t know any other way to increase those odds. Do you?

As for who makes the decision to die that day, I’m not magnanimous enough to give it to some criminal intent on doing harm.

I want the choice for my survival to be my own. And God’s, of course.

If and when that day comes, who will make that choice for you?


John Dennison

John Dennison

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