Connecting Spirituality and Peace

photo-1429547584745-d8bec594c82eWhat is the link between spirituality and peace? I’m not sure either can exist without the other.

Spirituality tries to explain our relationship to source and what our lives are all about. Peace is the condition that comes from knowing and experiencing it at a cellular level, and allowing it to spill over to our outer lives.

Funny thing, though. The more I explore either one, the more both lead me back to the same place — knowing myself. Let me explain.

To be blunt, many times my life has been less than peaceful. I’ve had my warlike ways, and they’ve led to my share of confrontations with others. Inevitably those clashes resulted in the release of intense emotions and verbal assaults, and thankfully rarely much else, on all sides.

I neither defend nor apologize for any such incidents, nor expect same from my co-participants. They’re all part of the experiences that have shaped my life, and theirs.

When I’ve taken the time to look (admittedly usually after the fact), I’ve seen a complex, shifting interplay of inner processes that ready my emotional triggers to be pushed. Thoughts and beliefs, judgments and expectations, sometimes fears and many times desires all play a role, each usually tied to something in me that I hadn’t been able to see and address. And lest I forget, a fearsome temper designed to keep the world at a distance.

Those hidden inner conditions seemed to damn up my energies until things get to a bursting point. And when that time arrived, it didn’t take much to set them loose on whoever came to fight.

Once I used to see such persons as adversaries, even enemies, and our confrontations were used by both of us to drive us apart.

Now, however, I see them as souls who by agreement graciously participate in battle to manifest an experience that we both can use to see and move beyond the limitations of our inner obstacles.

Instead of being my opponents, they have become my partners in our mutual personal development. Such a view makes it much easier to set aside the hard feelings that used to result and rebuild our relationship into something even stronger.

Why is this important?

It takes what used to be a negative situation that took a toll on all and turns it into a positive experience that allows me the chance to dissolve my own inner conditions (at least if I can muster the presence of mind to do so), hopefully transforming me into a kinder, gentler and more loving person in the process.

More importantly, as those obstacles diminish, I am able to draw into me more and more love and light from my core and apply it in my life. It is as if I created the inner obstacles as incentives to learn to love and be loved. And the more I use them that way, the more spiritual energy that can flow through me to work in my outer world — and bring peace to both.

This is why I see no separation between spirituality and peace, nor between self-knowing and becoming aware of our interconnectedness with all of creation. The deeper I go, the more I realize that it all is all of the same creative energy. And the more I learn to wield it, the closer I get to the source from which I came.

Maybe you don’t see the two as linked, and if not, that’s okay. We each have to create the lives we need, and the perspectives we adopt are designed to allow us to do that.

Just know that there is another one waiting for you to try on for size if and when you choose.

Until then, enjoy your battles. And if you can, use them to know yourself just a little better.

Go with love. My peace I give to you.

– john


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