Creating a Space for Peace – Part 2

peace3For in reality, life is a partnership (or more accurately, an adversarial relationship) between all involved that creates the experiences we all need to evolve. This friction in human relations creates the circumstances to expand our consciousness and break the energetic bonds of the beliefs and patterns that keep us locked in conflict.

This dynamic tension is an essential element in duality. Force must oppose force. So for as great as the harm may be, the effort to oppose it must be even greater to succeed.

Yet, this is not the kind of world we want to create. With the promise of Ascension also comes the promise that duality will begin to subside and be replaced by a new, higher vibration of wholeness and connection.

Yet this is where we are now, in a dog eat dog world where it seems like its’ every man for himself. Somehow we must live in it as it is, while treating it as we want it to be (remember that important principle of creation, to act as if what you want is already here).

In the end, our work is not with the specific situations or actions that trigger our disturbance. Rather, it is with consciousness. As it stands, that consciousness, and the habit it breeds to step back and let things run their course, perpetuates the pursuit of self-interest to excess. Not to mention the use of control, both by those who pursue it as well as those who want to stop it.

But it is that same consciousness, once shifted, that can expand our view of what that self-interest is, and permit us to evolve to more of a consciousness of the whole in which our individuality is honored and exercised with responsibility and restraint so as to better fit within that whole.

To create a space for peace, we must create a space for this evolved consciousness by offering each other the chance to see things another way and make another choice. And by doing so, lay the groundwork to undo the harm we do each other.

It’s the job of awakening souls to use the tools of spirituality — peace, love and light — when making our stand, all the while holding high a vision of where we’re going and what it takes to get there.

Enlightened engagement

There is no need to fight for control of the system, or threaten the abusers or those in authority. That will simply entrench them in their ways, and cause them to use their power to resist even more.

Yet that does not mean acquiescing to more of the same. Instead, we must find ways to neutralize them as best we can while embodying all that we want to carry into the tomorrow that we seek.

Negating their influence does not necessarily mean opposing their pursuit of profit or power; it means only loosening its grip so that it no longer holds sway as we make the choices of our lives.

How can we do this?

Obviously, so long as we live within democracies that permit us a vote, we can use it to support candidates who do not succumb to the temptation of greed and corruption, or the thirst for power that drives the Democratic and Republican parties.

Of course, the majority still buy into their games and allow them to pit us against each other while they each feed at the public trough.

Some will try to influence those parties and sway them to new was of thought and action. Too often, though, they find the task daunting and are either corrupted themselves or throw their hands up in frustration.

Therefore creating a space for peace must work in a different way, and act upon the hearts of minds of the people until their attachment to the old games begins to weaken.

This is where we shine the light of truth so they can see what’s going on, not to call them to action but to remind them how to love — and to see that a system that enables the abusers and controllers aren’t loving, and can cause them to be less than loving themselves, too.

It won’t happen overnight. We’ll have to do it again and again until they, too, see the light.

As they do, more and more begin speaking up in a growing chorus of discontent that our society isn’t working the way we want, and it’s time to do something about it.

And when enough of us do, we will inspire others to take up the cause of peace with justice for all, accelerating the evolution of the collective consciousness of the whole.

Together we will co-create a field of peace that can begin to spread across the land. And as it does, bring actual peace itself.

Instruments of the Peace

Those who work for change now may see themselves as social warriors, fighting a righteous fight against the powers that be.

But they will be far more effective if love and light become their sword, wielded only when they are so steeped in peace that it pervades their every pore and no amount of harm can disturb their inner calm.

The objective, after all, is not to win a war, but to win the peace they work to create. To do that means embodying peace, and allowing those who watch from the sidelines to feel their peace and want it for themselves.

This is where Occupy Wall Street falls down. Its proponents demonstrate their displeasure with our financial system, but it isn’t inspiring people to turn away from those aspects of their lives that enable that system to exist. Instead, they trigger even more conflict and control by causing a watching public to fall back upon old stereotypes and divisions that further entrench those who would use them to maintain power.

Nevertheless, they do us all a valuable service, just as do the tea partiers who protest against an overreaching government. For they give voice to an energy being felt around the globe, that the status quo does not serve us and that the ways of power and greed must give way to new ones that serve the least among us as much as they do the rich and powerful.

Still, I hear little talk about our own culpability in allowing this system to unfold as it has, and ceding the reigns of government to those who give lip service to the sovereignty of the people. For we all have sat back and let them do their thing while we worked within their system to try to get our piece of the pie.

If anything is to be done about it, it is to be done by us. And by us, to illiminate not only the abuses, but the causes and cures, and encourage everyone to find the will to make a stand for the kind of future they want to live in.

So when will we act? Why not now?

The revolution’s already begun. Join in and do your part.


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