Exploring the Conflicts in Us and in Our World

dawn-rising4t_optI want to apologize to all the Lightbearers around the world for my focus on U.S. politics in recent weeks. It is not my intention to be so provencial in my approach, but the health care fight offered me the chance to learn much more about myself and the energetic threads that make me who I am.

To summarize, I found within me support for some of both sides’ arguments, as well as deep opposition to the methods and intentions of both that were so apparent in their battles.

Such inner conflicts exist within each of us. The outer mind dislikes ambiguity, so usually we try to emphasize one and squelch the others to give the appearance of a unified focus. But no matter which way we express ourselves, those conflicts keep eating us up inside — just as I suspect the health care fight and others will continue to eat away at the American body politic for those who do not learn from them.

The road to peace — whether in us or in our world — is not by one side winning and the other losing. That may have worked in the past, but it is no longer supported by the new energies sweeping across our planet.

Neither can we go on with these divisions within us or our outer affairs. A house divided cannot stand, and those energies will be wasted if we cannot work together to build our common visions.

It is up to us to integrate them within ourselves — to find the value of each competing thread and give it its rightful place within our whole. Think of it like achieving a state of balance where everything is in perfect harmony. But it can’t be forced. Their place of natural balance must be located, and each allowed to be as they are to add their own specific piece of the puzzle.

Within the affairs of each of your countries there are forces acting in opposition to each other. You can choose to get caught up in the dramas, or you can choose a way of peace.

If it’s to join in the battles, stop reading right now. For going further will only confuse you, and weaken your will to fight.

But if you truly seek the path of peace, look within yourself you to see if there are elements of the side you don’t normally support that exist in you. Sometimes they may be deeply buried, but I suspect you will find them if you look closely.

If you can step back from the beliefs and emotions elicited by the drama, you can use their outer battle as a road map. Look at the arguments of both (or all) sides. Where do they try to strike fear? Where do they dangle the carrot of your desires? Where do they try to force their views upon you? Where do they encourage you to arrive at your own?

Now, consider which of those strike chords in you? Which ones don’t? Why do they affect you that way? Why do you choose one over the other?

Don’t be superficial. Go deep. Question yourself. Then question some more. You can even ask your inner guidance for help.

I suspect if you do you just might begin to see things another way. And if you don’t mind sharing, please send me a reply or private message and let me know what you find.

Or if you want others to learn from your efforts, you can even post it on our group wall. Here’s the link:

We’re all on this journey together. Let us learn from each other and grow closer to the light in each moment.

God bless you indeed.

– john


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