Feeling the Vibration of Peace

clown_frown72_optPeace is always within reach. But it’s not always in our grasp.

And when it’s missing, life is so much less than it can be, especially for those who have tasted it, however briefly.

Yet, peace is a choice we can make in an instant. Any time. Any place. No matter what is going on within our lives.

Perhaps we don’t see it, or how to have it. Perhaps we refuse to acknowledge it, or are unable/unwilling to put to work in our lives.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t there, always waiting, always available to us.

But to have it means we first must make a choice — the choice to be at peace. Not after some conditional future event. But here and now. In this moment.

Find your peace. It’s the ultimate act of love for yourself.

Are you ready to make that choice? If you are, then we’ll do our best to help you find it.

Here is an article that may help.

Feeling the Vibration of Peace

(c) John Dennison
April 19, 2003

Today I hope you will allow me to share some thoughts on a topic that is quite elusive to many of us – peace. I am not referring to the peace of nations, though the cloud of international strife hangs over our world, threatening to grow darker with each passing moment. No, the peace of which I speak is that which pervades us all, if we will but call upon it to come into our lives.

Peace. Pax. Pas. By so many names it is known around the world. Yet so few of us truly know peace. Yes, we have periods without personal conflict, but truly, is that peace? Do those times mean we are at peace within ourselves? Or are those moments we think of as peace just temporary lulls in the storms of the outer world?

While you read, I ask you to bring into your awareness the feeling of peace. Allow yourself to savor it as you follow my words. Feel its warmth begin to grow inside your heart, free of the concerns that too often trouble you. Let the cares of your world slip away, if only for a moment, while you slip into its warm embrace.

Imagine peace is like hot bath on a chilly evening, so warm and inviting, whispering for you to slip into its bubbly liquid that washes all around you, holding you tight, protecting you from the cold world that lurks outside. Let yourself relax into it. Feel it seep into every pore. Learn to recognize this feeling. For this peace is what you live for – to have peace in your heart, free of the storms of the emotions, mind, and outer world.

Peace is the gift of your soul to remind you of from where you come. But as in any gift, you must allow yourself to receive it. Do not reluctantly accept peace, feeling guilty that you may experience it while others do not, or that you cannot enjoy it because so much remains to be done. This gift is not something exclusive to you. It is given to all. To all it is freely available if they will but let it in. Open up to this most precious of gifts laid at your feet by the one most High, waiting only for you to seize it and make it your own. Receive the gift of your peace. Now, and for always.

If you want peace in your life, you must choose it. Not only to have it, but to be it. It is not the result of something you do or attain, some prize that waits for you at the end of a hard day’s work. Peace is something that is inside of you right now, but you have to want it and call it into your life.

Peace is a choice that you must make each moment of your life. You can choose to get wrapped up in the turmoil that comes and goes in your life. Or you can choose to meet them in peace, safe and sound where nothing can harm you. Certainty the outer world will continue its storm, and try to drag you out into it. And at times you will forget and get pulled away from your shelter. But when your awareness returns, know that those events are but temporary blips on the screen of your life, and like the storms of Mother Nature, will come and go in due time.

You, however, are permanent. You are the soul that dwells within, a piece of the Light that is in all of creation. And like that Light, your peace is permanent as well. You only must choose to return to its place of comfort, and there you will be. Now and forever more.

So when you find yourself caught up in life’s events, not knowing which way is up, choose the way of peace. Return to your center, and find the peace that waits for you there. You can still interact with the world, but when you are at peace, it cannot interact with you. You will be free of its chaos, free of its worry and anxiety and hatred and fear. For you are not at peace. You are peace.

Practice your peace this day. Consciously choose each moment to be peace. Find it, and live there. See what a wonderful difference it will make in your world.

My peace I give to you. I am John. Go with love.

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