How Can We Stop the Fighting?

stop-signLast week I spoke about reverse engineering your life to understand how you got where you are today. The same process applies to the state of our world.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that a wide disparity of circumstance exists among peoples around the world. The gulf between so-called rich and poor nations is enormous. And it’s just as wide between the haves and have-nots within each of those societies.

Yet, disproportionate wealth does not always correlate to conflicts between those groups. At least, not directly.

Much of the conflicts within our world are between the “haves,” fighting among themselves for a bigger share of the wealth, power or influence over human affairs. And this is notwithstanding the fact that they already have far more of such things than the “have nots.”

Certainly the “haves” often bully the “have nots,” using their money and influence to guide policy and secure strategic resources, trade routes, or other factors deemed important in the “national” (or international) interests.

Funny, though, that those interests often seem to mirror their own, even while the blood that’s spilled in their pursuit is rarely that of those who hold the reigns of power.

This is why we have seen 100 years of political warfare to loosen their hold and enact programs that will soak their wealth and use it to buy benefits (and curry favor) for the masses.

While I understand their motivation, I don’t share their means to accomplish the desired goal of a more just nation/world.

As you know, I’m a proponent of free will and the right of every soul to set its own course. And using power to take from one to give to another smacks up against that principle.

Even using the power of government to regulate and enforce standards of behavior upon those whose actions might hurt others bumps up against it as well. Nevertheless, I recognize that as our world is currently constituted, there are many who would do harm or take advantage of their wealth or position for personal gain.

It would be nice if we all treated others the way we want to be treated. But in reality, it’s more often applied by doing unto them before they can do unto us.

This is a competitive world built on conflict. So maybe I’m dreaming if I hope that people will suddenly shift and no longer need to fight or compete or do whatever it is that pits one person against another, or against the whole.

But isn’t it time we humans begin to grow up and take some responsibility for our actions, and how we treat each other?

If we’re to move beyond our differences, it can’t be imposed by those who hold power or make the rules. It can only come when each of us feels connected to the others in our world, where their pain is ours, as well as their joy.

Because when we do, doing what’s best for us will mean doing what’s best for them, too. No distinction. No separation. No illusion that we’re better than them, or that we have to get at their expense.

I guess this is what I’m working for. To finally see people love each other, and be loved in the process (by themselves, as well as by others).

That to me is at the core of true peace. Without it, it’s simply an artificial effort to impose one set of behaviors upon those who may not feel the same way. Sooner or later the lid will blow off the pressure cooker, and we’ll be right back where we started.

Until then, we’re probably going to have to limp along, bandaging our wounds and fighting the good fight in hopes that somehow our conflict can lead to peace somewhere down the road.

I just don’t believe that it can. Fighting never brings more than a temporary peace. And whether it’s rich against poor, rich against rich, or poor against poor, whoever loses will keep looking for a way to turn the tables when the time is ripe for a change.

In truth, the only way I know to stop the fighting is by getting all sides to see things another way, especially how they define the interests and desires over which they’re fighting.

When consciousness expands to the point that we see we’re really hurting ourselves by all the fighting, we’ll stop and look for other ways to address our problems. Until then, it’s every man (and woman) for him/herself.

That’s how I see it. How do you?


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