Is Discontent Denying You Peace?

clown_frown72_optDiscontent. It’s like a virus that eats away at us inside, making us dissatisfied with our lives and causing us to want more in or from them, even when we’re not sure what that something is.

In many ways discontent is a good thing, for it keeps us motivated and moving toward the future. But it also robs us of the joy of the moment where life is lived. It’s like having a burr under the saddle, constantly irritating and distracting us from what is going on now.

When that happens, just about everything we don’t like about the world around us becomes magnified. Our own circumstances become less desirable, event to the point of intolerance or outright rejection of the lives we’ve created.

Moreover, it bleeds into our relations with others. Their idiosyncrasies become more noticeable and unpleasant personality traits often become unbearable. And when what they want conflicts with our desires, the clash for control can erupt into outright warfare.

Yet, always lurking beneath the surface is the discontent, ever-pushing us to leave the comfortable confines of our status quo even when we don’t really want to.

Is it any wonder we find it so hard to have peace in our lives, much less in the world around us? This inner condition is always egging us on, making us edgy and quick to do battle with the first irritant that comes our way.

I wouldn’t be surprised if our individual discontent has something to do with the way our political affairs are conducted, not to mention the direction the warring sides are fighting to go. But this post isn’t directed to the macrocosm of our outer affairs; it’s about the microcosm of your life and how you can make it better. So that’s where we’ll keep our focus.

What can I tell you about how to solve your discontent? Or to put it in positive terms, to be content with the life you’ve created?

I guess I could put in a plug for Whispers in the Silence, which addresses the unrest caused by separation from our souls and their whispers to guide us to become whole. That was the place I started on this journey.

Or I could suggest you look for the joy that’s hidden in everything. Simply shifting into a new perspective of love and appreciation can help you find it. Look for the value it offers, even in the things you consider bad. Then do your best to cherish every experience, knowing that simply having the ability to get it is a gift.

Still, we’re each on our own journey, so you have to find the way that’s right for you. What you see, and how you perceive it, will go a long way to determine what you want out of your life.

So don’t take either of my approaches as gospel. Instead, seek your own (at least, the answer that’s right for you at this stage of your awakening). Sit quietly. Wait until your mind settles down. Then look at the discontent within you. How is it affecting you and your life? What’s causing it? And what can you do to either end it, or at least deal with it in a better way?

Perhaps simply considering the question will help you become content with your life. Then again, perhaps you already are. Either way, please share your comments on what you find, either below or through the contact link above.

God bless you indeed.


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