No One Can Give You Peace But You

Jesus-making-Peace-signI can’t give you peace.

No one can. Not Buddha. Not Mohammed. Not even Jesus.

Their godliness may have made them deserving vessels into which we deposited our faith and belief in something more than the struggle of the moment, from which we can draw hope, strength and direction through life’s storms.

But they could not wave a magic wand and have peace suddenly spread across the land or fill the hearts and minds of men (or women).

When push comes to shove, no religion can give you peace.

Government can’t give it to you, either. It may promise security, benefits, or ways to fix your problems, but truly whatever they do won’t bring you peace, either. It may make things better for a while. It may make things worse. But it won’t bring you peace.

The only one who can give you peace is you.

Whether you’re looking for a way to stop the fighting, or just to end the discontent that eats away at you inside, peace is already yours. You just have to know where to look and how to find it. And perhaps most importantly, choose to feel it in every pore no matter what is going on in your life.

It doesn’t matter what the problem is at hand. For every challenge comes with a way through it, though not always to the result we want. And if we hold fast to our intention despite the dramas that envelop us, we can still be at peace even while life’s doing its worst.

But peace is far more than simply a desired result or feel-good way to get through life’s troubles. When practiced regularly, it becomes the means to create a future with less of the troubling situations that turn life upside down and us inside out.

Peace is the key to creating heaven on earth, however you want to see it. For if it truly is to be heaven, it can’t be created by force of will rammed down others’ throats. It must gently ride the winds like on the wings of a dove, so that we can all ease into the future of our dreams.

The way our world is going – and most of us live – is we’re so caught up in the dramas and difficulties that it seems the only thing we can do is struggle and fight to survive, and maybe in the process carve out a little piece of the pie for ourselves. But when we do, it’s like being in quicksand – our struggle simply causes us to sink faster into the darkness.

Conflicts of will and desire become a way of life, where the only code is “to the victor go the spoils” – at least for a while until the tide turns, and someone else gets to sit at the head of the table.

But it never ends the fighting. It never brings lasting peace, especially within the vanquished.

If you truly want peace in your time, you must seek it. Create a space from the dramas. Allow yourself time to be alone. Sit quietly. Listen to your soul. Let its still, small voice lead you to it. And then let it show you how to apply it as you go about your affairs.

Maybe your life won’t look quite the way you once hoped it would. Then again, it might look a whole lot better.

Why not try it. The peace you find will be your own.

God bless you indeed.