No Safe Harbor from the Storm

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a storm blowing through our world, and it’s making it mighty hard to be at peace for those caught in its winds.

Once-tiny cracks in the foundations of our systems and institutions are spreading, some even growing into deep crevices of pain and darkness into which many are falling.

Witness the current pandemic and response.  Not only are many falling ill and dying (yet miraculously others remain virtually unaffected and asymptomatic). 

Lock-down has destroyed millions of jobs worldwide, damaging economies, threatening essential supply chains, and setting off a struggle of the people against authoritarian “leaders” simply to step outside their homes and connect with others without threat of jail or other retribution.

Simultaneously, we’re seeing other signs of turmoil all around.  Conflict — though thankfully not yet kinetic — with China is escalating.  So is the civil war within our government that pits us against each other, painting a backdrop of spying, surveillance and wrongdoing at the highest level of government.

 Once we could sit back and watch in fascination.  Now the repercussions strike at the heart of our lives and our ability to survive, much less build lives that serve us and our families.

And the storm rages on.  Few are immune to its impact.

So where can we go to find a little peace, not to mention refuge from the winds that threaten to topple all we’ve know and hold dear.

If you’re looking in the outer world of our common reality, you probably won’t find it.

For this is the time of changes, when we transition to the long-prophesied Golden Age of peace and prosperity.  But getting there is going to be a rough ride.


The old ways are fading fast. New ones have yet to form.  We’re caught in the nether world in between, often unable to know which way is up. 

Logic tells us to hold on tightly to what we’ve got, like overboard sailors cling to a life raft or piece of wood to stay afloat.  After all, the lives we’ve been living and how we got here are all we know.

It’s SCARY, triggering fears of uncertainty, struggle and suffering along the way.

Yet those same old ways, and the lives we built with them, now serve more like anchors to drag us ever deeper into the mire.  Like quicksand, the old reality is swallowing us up much like COVID does to those most caught in its throes.

I know it hurts to see your life’s work in jeopardy, or a loved one lost to an illness no one seems to understand or know how to treat.  The pain cuts to your core.

Worse, it can cause you to question yourself, your beliefs, and the identity you wear as you wander through this world.  Thoughts run wild.  Emotions swing from highs to lows at the drop of a hat.

Institutions we once relied on to deal with such messes don’t serve us very well, either.  The coronavirus response is causing many to question the expert class who led us into this mess, and the bureaucrats and institutions supposedly qualified to manage it.

For political responses and the pursuit of personal and tribal agendas is making it increasingly hard to accept that they’re really working in our interests, and not in service of some dark and diabolical agenda to control us and profit off of our misery.

Again, where can we turn for peace?




Finding peace in the storm

The only place I can suggest is where I started this journey long ago — by pointing to the source of life within you.  For only there will you find the hope, strength and direction to weather the storm.  Only there will you know its purpose relative to the journey of your soul, and how to best respond to the challenging circumstances of your life.

Only in you can you find peace — and only then once you let go of your attachment to the life you have.  For the ways of will and desire are the core of the anchors holding you in place. 

Fighting to get what you want will not take you where you want to go. 

Nevertheless, you must stand against the forces of manipulation and control that impair your free will and try to herd you into the pens being constructed to insure your compliance with the powers that are or want to be.

For within this world are forces that want to extend that control through vaccines, embedded microchips, digital passports, neural implants, surveillance, and artificial intelligence.  While their stated purpose is to protect you from yourself and the many dangers of living in this world (as if our human ancestors never had to face dangers before), it also gives them the power to enslave you and future generations in service of their machine.


Making our stand

Maybe some of us can escape to the countryside, to intentional or other communities where their hold is less strong.  Most of us, though, are stuck where we are, having to deal with it or fall along the way.

If you are to make your stand and fight this fight for your future and that of all humanity, you must be at peace lest you carry the seeds of today’s turmoils into that tomorrow you want to create.

Only there will you find the strength to go on when the getting gets tough.  Only there will you know how to bring out your best attributes and those of others, while neutralizing the darkness that has taken hold of our land.

You must learn to face yourself and do whatever it takes to moderate the influence of ego, even while surviving and adding your contribution to the future of human freedom and the ability to craft a life that serves you.  

Start with your emotions. Recognize what triggers them.  Try to smooth your responses so you don’t poison your relations with others or turn yourself inside out.

God willing, you will get through this.  But it will be a rough ride.

But if we stay strong, and stand together, we will succeed.  For where we go one, we go all.

God bless you indeed, my friend.  Godspeed.


John Dennison
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