Peace and the Promise of this Time of Changes

miracles-happenFor a long time you’ve experienced the pain of dealing with a world that makes life hard, that requires conflict and struggle as the tools of daily existence.

You’ve had to make many difficult choices just to get by and carve out a life that has worked for you, albeit not always as you would have liked.

Along the way, it’s exacted a heavy toll. Perhaps on your health. Or finances. Or relationships. Or maybe just on your peace and happiness.

Yet, something within you has changed. The pain is no longer the focus on your attention, though it demands it from time to time in an ever-constant reminder that world is still there, with all the challenges it brings just to survive within it.

Instead, you’re feeling the promise of possibility for a better tomorrow. That it’s there somewhere over the horizon, waiting, calling to you, whispering in your ear and filling you with longing to turn away from the pain and embrace something more.

What more might that be?

Truthfully, I don’t know. But the promise is that pain will subside, and your life filled with more peace, prosperity and abundance in all aspects that matter to the experiences you want to get.

What I do know is that many of us have already turned to face that promise and accelerate its manifestation into our reality. Not just for ourselves, but indeed for our whole world.

As we do, we’re torn between the the tug of the new, and the “ball and chain” of the old that demands our allegiance to the old ways of being, and all the many struggles and sacrifices that come with trying to succeed within it.

Yet, our success will be measured not by how well we we deal with the old, but by how much of the new we can draw into our present and make its promise tangible here and now.

Part of that effort will require a rear guard action, to fight off the old and create a space in which the new can take hold. Part of it will involve constructing the beliefs and practices of the new, and putting them into action.

And alas, it will involve the transition itself, the blending and balance between the two that each of us must strike as we make whatever mark we’re called to make.

It will take every ounce of strength and courage we can muster to negotiate the obstacles at hand and still find our way to the light that glows in the distance.

Yet we have little choice, for there is no turning back. We long ago set upon this path and must face what it brings as best we can.

It is essential to take with us only those things which allow us to get there. And most importantly, to leave behind the others which will only poison the well and carry the seeds of our past into the future we work to create.

This is why I speak so much of peace. I could talk of other things, like love and light, and how to have more of them in our lives. And there are times I will.

But peace is what they create when applied properly. Peace in us. Peace with others. Peace for our world.

It is not an aspiration to achieve only when we’ve arrived at the place of promise. It is a tool to lessen the impact and deal with the world we’re trying to leave behind, essential to our passage from where we are to where we want to be.

I do not pretend it is easy to be at peace. It is even harder to use it to meet the challenges of a world that is so quick to wield the sword of will and desire for money, power and self-interest.

The future we seek, the promise of the Golden Age, cannot be birthed so long as we carry those seeds within us. Moreover, somehow we must negotiate the minefield those energies have laid before us and try to keep bringing us more of the same.

I will do my best to point out those pitfalls and help you weave your way through them as you do your part to draw that promise into reality. Hopefully you will be able to continue to do yours, and keep going when the going gets rough.

Find your peace, my friend. Allow it to guide you through the darkness at hand.

God bless you indeed.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Meet John DennisonJohn Dennison is a retired lawyer,  peacemaker and spiritual teacher who offers guidance to meet the challenges of a troubled world with more peace, ease and direction.

His services include availability as a keynote speaker, panelist, moderator and master of ceremonies for conferences and community events, as well as media guest expert to provide commentary and analysis on political, economic and other current events.

He also spearheads several projects of his own, including PeaceOptions.com to challenge the beliefs and practices that keep us locked in struggle and conflict, and MissionLaunch.com to enhance the efforts of those working to build a new world.

A spiritual teacher by avocation, John also authored Whispers in the Silence — Living by the Light of Your Soul, a guide to self-knowing and the process of personal development behind most spiritual traditions.

For more information, to contact John, or sign up for his free newsletter, visit him at JohnDennison.com.


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John Dennison

John shares insights and perspectives from the spiritual path on awakening, service, and the interaction of our inner and outer worlds.

His book, "Whispers in the Silence - Living by the Light of Your Soul," is a guide to listen to your inner voice and break free of the inner conditions that keep you locked in struggle and conflict.

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