Perspectives in Applied #Spirituality – A Path to #Peace for #Awakening Souls

It didn’t start out this way.  Truly, I had no idea what I was creating, only that I had a vision to share that I was told could change our world.

At first it wasn’t about peace at all, but rather the Inner Voice that calls us to become more than we are.

But even as I was speaking around the country on the Whispers in the Silence, inside I was being filled with a nagging feeling that there was far more to offer.

Trying to piece together the puzzle became my obsession. It wouldn’t leave me alone. And here I was, telling people of a path to peace, and yet I was denied peace for myself.

I felt like such a fraud.

For as I’d start to get clear on and advance in one direction, the dial would spin and I’d be back at square one to start over in a new direction. The skills I was given and gifts I received were all for naught.  Nothing I could do made a difference.

It looked like I was going in circles, doing a little here, then there, then back to where I started to do some more.  Over and over and over it went, tying me up inside a little more with each new turn.

I thought I was going mad.  Maybe I was.  The result was  it nearly killed me.

You know the story of what it did to me.  No need repeating it again.  But if you haven’t read it, click here.

My inner voice wouldn’t give me any rest. Obsessed, yes. Possessed even.

After the hospital I thought it had finally let me go.  Maybe one day I could even get back to the practice of law, though there was little energy leading me there.  Yeah, right.  That was only to heal and get my life in order.  But the Voice had other plans.

Failure mounted upon failure was all I had known following its lead.  I had no reason to think anything else.

But last year a strange thing happened.

I took a step back, and with it a deep breath.  Suddenly I saw that those pieces I’d been trying to create were not separate directions at all, but pieces of grand puzzle that I just couldn’t see.

I was ready to walk away.  Really, I was.  My sanity demanded it.

But I gave it one more try and shuffled the deck.  Rather than picking one of them as the direction I’d follow, I started laying them all out.  One by one I set forth the principles that rumbled around inside me.  Gradually a pattern emerged.

Everything — and I mean EVERYTHING — I ever did or thought I understood had a place within it.  And finally, it’s taken enough of a shape that I can share it with you.

Every blog post. Every book. Every speech. Every video. Even every website.  They all fit neatly into the picture, so well in fact it looks as if I sat down and developed it in one coherent process.

But coherent it wasn’t.  It came helter skelter, feeling like it was ripping me apart as I was torn from one job to go start another.  Each time thinking maybe now I could see the value I was offering, not to mention the rest of you.

Yet my perspectives never changed (except maybe about myself).  I still had it all within me, even though I did my best to bury it and push it aside.

The result is the “new” PeaceOptions.  I don’t know if you’ve visited before this, if at all.  If not, that’s okay.  I wouldn’t have blamed you, because it sure looked disjointed.  I know I was.

Anyway, I’ve finally got the puzzle assembled enough to talk about it.


It’s a path to peace for awakening souls.

PeaceOptions is the product of LIFETIMES of effort, somehow merged in the now of this life.  At its heart is a simple process:

  • State the problem.
  • Address the causes.
  • Find a solution that works.

There’s still much to be done.  This list inside is long and growing longer by the minute.  But now I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  With God’s help, maybe I’ll get there.

But even if I don’t, what’s done is enough for you to find your way. And even better, it’s helped me discover something I’d started to doubt.

I’m not crazy after all.

I offer it to you as my gift, so you can add your gifts to the world.  In peace.

God bless you indeed.



John Dennison

John Dennison

Editor-in-Chief at
John is a recovering lawyer, spiritual teacher and sepsis survivor. He speaks for peace through knowing yourself and changing your world. His book, "Whispers in the Silence - Living by the Light of Your Soul," is a guide to listen to your inner voice.

John offers a free report, "5 Minutes That Can Change Your World," at, and provides coaching and guidance to awakening souls.
John Dennison

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