Seven Declarations of Independence from Conflict

peace3If you’re tired of all the fighting that mars our world and steals our peace, perhaps you’ll try some of these declarations on for size:

  1. I release my need to get my way or impose my will on anyone;
  2. I refuse to use the actions of others as cause to argue, prove I’m right, or fight to defend myself.
  3. I vote for people and platforms that use peace as a means and not just as a desired outcome.
  4. I am content with myself and my life.
  5. I release all the fears, desires and other conditions within me that steal my peace and keep me in conflict.
  6. I acknowledge the value offered by everyone and everything, and allow them to be just as they are without trying to change them.
  7. I honor life by creating an atmosphere of peace in which it can flourish.

Yes, I know some of this requires turning the other cheek. But no one said peace was easy — at least, not at first.

Then again, we’ve tried the other way. What do we have to lose?


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John Dennison

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John Dennison