Stepping Back from the Politics of Hate

People sure seem to hate each other, at least when it comes to politics.  The signs are everywhere.  Just turn on the news.

We’re all so polarized now that we can’t even listen to those on “the other side.”  They don’t see things like we do.  They’re so wrong, or ignorant, or bad, or racist, or phobic, or whatever.  And instead of fessing up and admitting their wrongful ways, they’re brash enough to think we’re the ones who are messed up, instead of them.

It’s amazing we lived together all these years without telling each other off and beating our neighbors into a pulp.

But those days of civility are behind us now.  All social restraints have gone out the window.  To make matters worse, some people can’t handle the intense energies of the times, and act out in all sorts of egregious ways.


The Pressure is Rising

I’ve long held much of this aberrant behavior is caused, or at least greatly exacerbated, by the energies bombarding earth.  Increased solar winds, combined with our entry into a photon belt, have caused our molecules to vibrate faster, testing the bonds that have held our world for so long.

It is a trying time for those going through it.  But that’s why we’re here, to observe and participate in this time of changes and the transformation they bring.  Where we will go or what we will become remains to be seen, for these energies will cause egos to assert their will and desire more and more, until there’s no choice but for us to fight each other to get our way and impress it upon everyone else.

Only when we realize that WE are the problem, or more particularly, those aspects of our human personalities that make us willing to do what we have to in order to get what we want, or avoid what we don’t.  And until we learn to moderate them and allow ourselves to come from a place beyond ego where awareness of our Oneness reigns, our conflicts will continue to plague civilization.

It is this egocentric aspect that puts us at odds with each other, our differences magnified as we’re pulled closer toward the poles of our political views.  If allowed to continue, it will continue to build until the energy erupts to not only disrupt society but harm all it touches.

While our poles can shift so we can experience the opposing side, most of the time we’re locked into our beliefs.  No other possibilities can exist lest it overload our mental processes.

Therefore no one will change.  Everyone will gravitate toward their side and their feelings intensify until they explode.  And when enough of them do, take the rest of us down with them.


Our Only Hope

People would rather fight than switch their political beliefs.  That’s the way they see the world.  It makes them very susceptible to manipulation by those who would play upon their fears and desires to elicit their support.

It happens to all of us.

But the pressure cooker is getting ready to explode and blow its top.  Too many will be hurt, too many lives will be destroyed, if it does.

Our only hope is for enough people to awaken to the truths of their being and realize that we are all one and in this together.  And that the solutions to our perceived problems will probably not be found — or created — in the way any of us anticipate.  At least, not without imposing a solution through force of will and sowing the seeds of hate to keep on fighting in the future.

Strange, how we all think we’re right, and our willingness to fight to prove it.  None of us are certain which way to go, but still we fight tooth and nail as if we are.

To move through this mess without devolving into total chaos and conflict, it will require us to moderate the excesses of ego and loosen our hold upon the beliefs, perspectives and practices that now set us at odds.

In short, until we release our attachment to both the status quo and the desires we have to change it into what we want without somehow accommodating those with whom we disagree, we’ll continue to fight.

Those who do awaken, however, will have a greater ability to negotiate these energies of conflict skillfully and dispassionately so as to not be drawn into the fray, and to hold a space for peace and hope for a better tomorrow.

While this is an individual approach to a group problem, it doesn’t mean we can effect a solution alone.  Only if those of like consciousness band together in peace and purpose can we hope to make a dent in the conflicts.

All awakening souls must do their part if we are to get where we need to go, especially when the road gets bumpy ahead.  It starts with realizing our awakening is not just for us, but for the whole of humanity.  The contribution of our energy, gifts, inspirations, love and caring for the good of all is an essential piece in laying a new foundation for peace in our common affairs.

The future of our world is in our hands.  I hope you are up to the task, my friend.

God bless you indeed.  Go with love.



John Dennison

John Dennison

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John is a recovering lawyer, spiritual teacher and sepsis survivor. He speaks for peace through knowing yourself and changing your world. His book, "Whispers in the Silence - Living by the Light of Your Soul," is a guide to listen to your inner voice.

John offers a free report, "5 Minutes That Can Change Your World," at, and provides coaching and guidance to awakening souls.
John Dennison

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  1. I have been a Conservative for as long as I have been voting, which is a lot of years. When the Conservative Party existed as a separate entity, I was a member on Long Island. I have no desire or reason to switch parties now, especially in view of the hatred of a man who gave up a life of luxury and ease to help our country because he loves it.

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