You Will Never Find Peace By Taking Sides in their Games

american-flag3_optToday I will speak of possibility — the possibility of what can be.

Our news is filled with conflict. Political battles. War. Terrorist attacks. Senseless violence. Predatory economics. Dogmatic doctrines that promote separation.

That conflict is the result of business as usual in our world, built upon a model for human relations that doesn’t serve us very well. At least, it doesn’t serve well the half who find themselves on the losing side.

Yet our affairs are based on a winner-take-all system where the victor not only gets the spoils, but also the chance to set the rules of engagement for future battles.

And this is the dualistic world we have known, where extremes are pitted against each other in a never-ending war for supremacy, and when that is not possible, at least for an uneasy co-existence.

There is another way, one based on the love and light we Lightbearers are bringing to our lives and sharing with the world around us. But as powerful as love and light are, they will never have the impact we want them to have until we shift into places where they can be more effective than simply casting our seed on fallow ground, left to picking up the pieces when the fighting stops.

Those conflicts we so despise are opportunities to find another way. But when we find ourselves pulled into the fray by our support for one extreme or the other, we’re unable to make that shift. Instead, we get locked into views that cause us to not only perpetuate the war, but deny us the chance to effect a lasting peace that serves all.

As Lightbearers, we can set an example for others to follow. But for us to seize this possibility, we cannot continue to take part in the conflicts that the world would drag us into.

This doesn’t mean ignoring what’s going on or separating ourselves from those who are still engage. Rather, it is to embody peace in all we say, think and do.


The first step is to acknowledge that if a conflict touches a nerve in us, it does so because BOTH sides of the battle are going on within us. And when we pick a side, we’re denying that part of us that supports the other, exacerbating an inner conflict that will inevitably erupt somewhere else down the road.

Instead, we must find a way to integrate the extremes that are already within us, acknowledging their presence and finding the value that each offers us (or else we wouldn’t have it there). Then, recognizing them not as evils to be banished but necessary parts of us that we must honor and use for our own expansion, we can set about the task of bringing balance to those energies within us.

Like all of life, we can choose how we will meet those conflicts. We can choose if we will take sides, and whether we will allow the turmoil of the outer world to upset our inner one. We can, most of all, choose how we will experience, process and engage the energies that try to drag us into the fray.

Then, once we have found our peace, we can help those in our lives see that they don’t have to take sides either. We can let them see what we have done, and how it is allowing us to move forward without this conflict. And we can let them bathe in our peace until they can create it in themselves as well.

This possibility is behind my vision for the Alliance. It is not to grow another group just to say we belong to something else, propping up our egos with a false sense of contribution simply because our names are attached to what we think is a good cause.

It is, instead, meant to be a living, growing community — a family, if you will — of those living by the light and accepting the responsibility that comes with the great power it infuses into us.

Within this community Lightbearers can come together, not only to support each other, but to embody the very principles they want our world to reflect. Together, we can build a prototype for a deep and lasting peace that others can see and build upon.

How that community develops I leave to you. But then, whether it does is not up to me. I’m just here to share the vision and perspectives I’ve been given, and hopefully empower you to overcome the things that hold you back.

Instead, what this Alliance becomes is up to you and you alone, in conjunction with your fellow Lightbearers. I will do my part, but all of you must do yours. And that part is far more than simply being another name on our growing list of members.

If you stand for peace, if you stand for community, if you stand for the possibility that love and light can make this world a better place, then it is up to YOU to find a way to build this group into something real, something tangible that will truly make all proud to say, “I’m a Lightbearer. And if you let me, I will show you what I’ve found.”

God bless you indeed. I am



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