Is Our System Worth Saving?

photo-1428976343495-f2c66e701b2bLiberty may be the buzz word for a lot of people, but it seems to me that self-determination is really what is behind their concern – the ability to choose our own path through life and travel it without interference by others.

Control is the means by which that ability is denied or altered. Begging the question of when control crosses the line into oppression, a bigger one keeps rolling around in my head.

And that is, what can we do to stop the controllers, or at least be beyond their influence?

The political season is in full swing, and the issue of the day is about power. Does government have enough? Too much? Is it used properly, or with sufficient efficiency? Do we give our votes to those who would roll it back, or give it more? Do we throw the bums out? Or give them another chance?

Ah, if it were only so simple. But to me, this is a shell game that keeps us from considering the bigger questions.

Perhaps you can tell me why this 200+ year old experiment merging representative democracy with capitalism is such a good system anyway. Sure, most libertarians I know would argue that it is the way this system is operated that makes it this way and that if only we could elect leaders who would roll back all that’s been done and start over, we can fix it.

Then again, are we kidding ourselves? After all, the proof is in the pudding. People may be sick of how the system works (or doesn’t) and voice their objections and proposed solutions. But when it comes down to it, what are the betting odds that we can reverse course and insure the same thing doesn’t keep happening?

Let’s look at how that system operates. We’re continually pitted against each other and forced to choose between one candidate or another based on fears they tweak and carrots they dangle before us. Never is it a choice between continuing under this system or going another way. Rather, it’s to see whose will will be done – and in doing so, aggrandizing ever more power and control in the systems and institutions that allow them to keep going. And the government just happens to be the tool that allows them to do that.

We live under a system based on control, and all the rules are written, enforced and interpreted in favor of giving greater and greater control to the government that has taken on a life of its own, and those who hold the reigns of power. If we really want to end control, should we perhaps be willing to try another way, and devise another system that better serves where we want to go?

Only the monied and power elite like the system the way it is (of course, they’d all change it to benefit their side even more). But when it comes down to it, we the people are left with empty promises they’ll do what’s best for us (as if they know), left holding a rapidly shrinking bag of whatever rights they allow us to have.

Why must we choose between control by big government (whoever is pulling its strings) and control by big religion, big money, big business, big labor, big social groups, etc.? Why are some so willing to speak out against oppression by the state but turn a blind eye to all the oppressive actions of those in other positions of power, authority, or influence over us?

And for that matter, why are we so willing to continue supporting a system that creates so much hardship and division for so many, without truly offering the opportunity to bring us closer together and bring out the creative contributions we each have to offer?

Jefferson was right. A tyrannous majority can deny the rights of the minority, take away their property, and make war on anyone who gets in their way. And to make sure they do, they can stack the rules in their favor so they can stay in power.

So long as our fellow citizens are gullible enough to be manipulated to play within the system and pass power back and forth between ruling factions who are only concerned with getting their way, there’s little hope that control will end and true liberty will be anything more than a pipe dream. And if enough of them can’t be convinced otherwise, those of us who want to set our own course will be less than free to do so as long as the system continues in its present form.

That’s the way I see it. Maybe some of the rest of you see it another way.

Please convince me I’m wrong and that this system really is worth saving.

John Dennison

John Dennison

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John Dennison