Making our stand for systemic reform

statue_of_liberty-apesEveryones talks about how bad our government is. Corruption. Influence. Power games. Militarism. Surveillance. Taxes. Deficits. The list goes on and on.

And when they aren’t they’re lamenting over the failure of the major political parties to serve us instead of themselves, even while dutifully taking sides in their game of musical chairs to see who will next get the keys to the kingdom.

I guess our own troubles aren’t enough. Maybe we need this massive dose of fear in order to face the consequences of our own inaction.

It’s just as well, because without it we probably wouldn’t even open our eyes to what’s been going on, much less consider doing anything about it.

But now things are getting to a point that we may not have a choice. Then again, we always have a choice, don’t we?

For so long we’ve let the foxes rule the hen house. So how are we dealing with it?

We’re going to allow them throw more of our children’s money and that of our children’s children at the problem while they keep right on with their game, finger-pointing with one hand while holding the other out for more power and the money to get it.

Just watch. They’ll be back. Maybe a few faces will change. Democrats will probably consolidate their power, despite the hand they played in making sure things got to the point they’re at.

And when the dust settles, I suspect it will be business as usual. What business?

The business of putting it to the people.

We’ve ignored our responsibilities for so long that the consequences of our inaction are threatening to bury us alive.

No wonder so many people are feeling so anxious about their futures.

It’s not enough that we have to struggle to survive. Now we have to keep a fearful eye on the news as we’re bashed over the head with reports of abuse after abuse at the hands of those who supposedly serve us.

Yet when all is said and done, everyone knows it isn’t going to be the tycoons and politicians who can’t pay their bills or are forced to live on the streets.

They will not be the ones whose rights vanish into thin air and subjected to arrest without charge simply for speaking out against those who work against us. Or worse, forced to look down the wrong end of a loaded barrel when our own troops are called to keep us in our place.

It’s us, the every-day people of America, and indeed the world, who will bear that cross.

Does anybody care?

The question for awakening servers — indeed, even for those who remain asleep — is where do we draw the line? How long can we allow them to play their games at our expense in a system stacked to serve only them?

Systemic reform is a necessity we all recognize, but few do anything about it.

But once the voice inside begins to awaken us to the truth of our inner reality, how can we justify turning over our outer reality to those who would use it to further their interests and against our own?

It’s our reality. We have the ability to shape it into what we want it to be.

But to do that we have to exercise the responsibility that comes with our sovereignty by finding our common vision and working to make it happen.

If you think it can occur within the system as it is now constituted, then go ahead and vote to extend the rule of the corporatocracy and whichever of its parties that pushes your buttons.

But if you believe that the only way to create a new reality that levels the playing field in favor of those who want a New World, then it’s time to make your stand.

What will you do? We shall see, won’t we?


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John Dennison

John Dennison

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