#ObamaGate: Ringside Seats for the Fight of the Century

Do you like to watch a good fight? There’s a great one going on and I thought maybe you’d like to watch it with me. It’s called ObamaGate, and we’ve got ringside seats for a winner-take-all death match now going on for the future of our country.

Once upon a time I thought I’d be part of that battle.

That was before I interned in D.C. back when Nixon was in the White House. Like now, it was a turbulent time. Like now, the city was a cesspool of morally-challenged people all seemingly out to enrich and empower themselves with little true regard for the people they served.

And like now, what I saw made me sick.

So I guess I’m not the one to put a positive spin on politics these days.  I won’t even try.

But what’s going on now is really serious stuff. And it’s coming at us so fast from so many directions that it’s hard to keep up, much less get good, reliable information from which to form an opinion.

Maybe I’m a skeptic.  I’ve been around a while and have seen a lot of games played over the years, and politics has always been a rough and tumble business. But the game we’re seeing now puts them all to shame.

In fact, it would rival most any novel Tom Clancy wrote.

With that said, back to the fight.


Insurrection in the Ranks

What I see going on is a civil war within our civil service to overthrow Donald Trump, egged on by Democrats and their most-radical elements.

Rogue individuals have made themselves known in many departments to resist Trump’s efforts to change the direction of our country. I appreciate their zeal. Most probably mean well and even somehow justify (at least to themselves) their infidelity to their oath and duties as public servants.

The worst among these are within the intelligence community. Secrecy? It’s a sieve!

This whole Susan Rice thing stinks to high heaven, conveniently collecting all this intelligence on Trump’s team, compiling it and unmasking the players. And then somehow having those reports reduced in security classification so they could be widely spread around the government.

Lo and behold, they were. A leak. And then another. And another. Until it turned into a flood.

Of course, mainstream media is cheering them on, as if they’re watching some game show. “Go ahead and leak. Just bring down Trump. And shut up all who support him while you’re at it.”


Instant Karma

Unfortunately, though, their efforts may one day come back to bite them. For the deeper the investigations go, the more we’ll see behind the curtains into why Obama was spying on so many people, especially the candidate opposing his chosen successor who pledged to undo his “legacy.”

Sure, Susan Rice ordered the Trump names unmasked so anyone could know who they were talking about. Still, it’s a reach to think that she acted alone, in an innocent act untied to Obama and devoid of any plan to use them against Trump. Which they conveniently were.

So it seems to me there was more than just one person involved. Someone had to order the surveillance. Someone had to declassify it. Someone had to leak it. If it was more than just one, how many more? Who was pulling their strings?

If so, we’re talking conspiracy — a conspiracy to commit sedition against the United States.

“Sedition is overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that tends toward insurrection against the established order. Sedition often includes subversion of a constitution and incitement of discontent to lawful authority.”  – Wikipedia

That pretty well covers it, don’t you think?

So I’m just watching the whole thing unfold with baited breath. First one side takes a shot. And then the other. Back and forth they go. Like two punch drunk fighters, they just keep slugging it out. Until only one is standing. Or they call it a draw.

It promises to be great entertainment. Can you feel the suspense?

Partisan politics. Sedition conspiracies. Congressional investigations. Maybe even a little war thrown in?

It doesn’t get much better than this. Who knows? If this keeps up for much longer, I may just cancel Netflix.


John Dennison

John Dennison

Editor-in-Chief at PeaceOptions.com
John is a recovering lawyer, spiritual teacher and sepsis survivor. He speaks for peace through knowing yourself and changing your world. His book, "Whispers in the Silence - Living by the Light of Your Soul," is a guide to listen to your inner voice.

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John Dennison