What’s Getting Into People?

What the hell is getting into some people these days?

Berkeley protesters riot to keep Milo Yannopolis from being heard.

Milo, if you don’t know, goes by the moniker The Dangerous Faggot. A gay conservative, Milo is technology editor for Breitbart News and espouses western values and calls out the ridiculous efforts liberals (especially feminists) go to squelch free speech.

Like they did this week in Berkeley.

Where will it all end? And just as importantly, who’s behind it?

For the rioting was carried out by a group of thugs dressed in all black, many with tear gas masks and faces covered by stocking caps.

The Chancellor of UC Berkeley said they were non-student outsiders who came in like a paramilitary force, organized and violently bent on doing all the damage they could.

This is on the heels of months of protests (and some riots) organized by MoveOn after the election and funded by George Soros, noted for his efforts to destabilize society and promote left-leaning causes.

Was Soros behind these attacks? Who knows? Their identities remain unknown. No arrests were made. Police were ordered to stand down and allow the rioters to do whatever property they wanted to damage and bodily injuries they were going to inflict.

Yet this violence is not condemned by the left, not even those part of the establishment. Even the Mayor of Berkeley Jesse Arreguin came out and said:

Well, the bigotry in Berkeley was practiced by the students. Their prejudice. Their hatred. Their violence. Against Milo. Against those who wanted to hear what he had to say. And against the peace that every person is entitled to enjoy.

To this writer it looks like the good mayor’s inviting them to try it again next time.

Make no mistake. We stand for PEACE first, last and always.  There is no place for violence in our world. Protest all you want. Shout at the top of your lungs. But when thugs show up armed and ready for battle, then things have gone too far and have to stop.

But they won’t.

Liberal politicians will play to their extremes and do nothing but stand in the way of every effort Trump or any other official takes to preserve the peace.

Celebrities will continue to spout off their opinions, thinking that real Americans even care what they have to say (though main stream media does, hanging on and promoting their every word).

Liberal anarchist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter will keep pushing the envelope, expanding their bullying and violent tactics in hopes of eliciting a response from the government — and running roughshod over any who dare to show support for Trump and his efforts to make America great again.

They obviously have something in mind.

None of them will do anything to reign in the terror that’s hitting our campuses, and spilling onto our streets.

But I wish they would stop. Not just for the unlucky ones who will get hurt in the process, but for the damage they do to our democracy.

Unfortunately, soon they’ll probably get their wish and the heavy hand of authority will come down upon them all. And it won’t be pretty.

God bless us all if that happens. For all hell is going to break loose when it does.

John Dennison

John shares insights and perspectives from the spiritual path on awakening, service, and the interaction of our inner and outer worlds.

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John Dennison