Community vs. individual effort

community-street-scene-1_optMost of you know I’m focused on building the foundations for the world we dream of. After all, if we don’t do it, who will?

The first of those is building community. There’s been a lot said about how this is a time when our individualistic ways will give way to a group focus.

I don’t think so.

Rather, it is community that will recognize and honor the individual. In the past people were pretty much forced to toe the line to the group identity. Either you belonged and went the way of the group. Or you didn’t, and were an outcast or naysayer.

In this new world, I see the group being a magnificent mosaic that exalts and builds upon the gifts of the ones within it.

The question is, how do you build such a community without falling prey to those who would steer it in ways that feed their egos, and run roughshod over anyone who gets in their way?

Awakened Community Builds Justice for Every Soul

The question for the future of mankind is how do we build a world that offers justice for every soul? Not give it lip service, but offer real justice where the life lived by every soul is honored and recognized as equal to every other, regardless of circumstance, culture, or other factors now used to divide us?

This is the issue I’ve been addressing in my upcoming book, Spiritual Justice.

It starts with going our own way (thus the WhisperZone slogan). It becomes a foundation for community when we do that while allowing others to go theirs.

This is the basis for group effort in the future — each of us doing our thing, and trusting that the mosaic will paint the picture God intends.

As it is now, we try to paint the picture we intend. And those with the strongest wills force the rest of the group to go their way.

The challenge for us all is to awaken to the fact that each of us has something of value to add. Our duty is to find it in everyone, and bring it out so to take its rightful place within the whole.

Only then can we build a community that works for all.


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John Dennison

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