All You Need is Love?

I listened to Tina Bueno’s radio show last night. She was channeling the Galactic Counsel with whom I’ve had some conversations about community and other things.

They were talking about the many lightworkers who are struggling with money issues these days.

Their advice? To love ourselves unconditionally.

While I fully agree with their statement, I wonder whether most of us can take such a simple answer and put it to work.

It reminds me of Jeshua’s teaching on love. He told us to love each other as we love ourselves. Though he gave a few examples, for the most part he left it up to us to figure out how.

Maybe that’s why he left the rest of us behind to carry on the teaching for him. He must have thought the “how to” part was so simple even we couldn’t screw it up.

I hate to say anything, but the way things turned out it looks like he made a bad call. Either we weren’t able to teach the “how to,” or those who listened were slow learners. Because it doesn’t seem that humanity got the message — or at least adopted it as their way of life.

Anyway, that’s a story for another day. Back to the Counsel.

Is the answer to financial struggle really so simple as to love ourselves? Can we love ourselves in such a way that will magically transform the reality that’s being served up for us to experience?

My mind hears it, but this doesn’t’ seem to be a principle to be applied by the mind, so it doesn’t know what to do with it.

My heart does. That’s where it was intended for anyway. But whether it will actually be implemented is hard to say.

After all, if the heart already knows how to love that way, then why doesn’t it? Is it waiting for our minds to get on board? And if so, then how does that occur when the most the mind can do is set an intention for it to happen and keep everything else out of the way?

I mean, can we “think” our way to loving ourselves? Or does love take more, existing only in the realm of possibility until applied through action. Even then, how is it directed? By the mind or by the heart?

See what happens when the mind gets involved? Things get all mucked up.

All I know is how it feels to love and be loved. I hope you do, too.

Then maybe all we have to do is to turn that same feeling upon ourselves and see what happens. It sure can’t hurt. Even without the money, to paraphrase an old song by Luther Ingram, “If loving me is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.”

Anyway, what about you? Does their message do it for you?

Is this what you would tell someone to end their financial troubles and get back on the road to prosperity? And what do you think they’d tell you if you did?