#AwakeningSouls: Do You Feel Like Punxsutawney Phil?

Are you an awakening soul?  If so, you must be feeling a lot like Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog who sticks his head out each February 2 (Groundhog’s Day) to check the weather.

You know the story. You’ve probably seen the movie with Bill Murray.

By legend, if Phil sees his shadow, winter’s not over and he can go back to sleep for another six weeks.  If he doesn’t, winter’s ending and it’s time to get up and face the world.

You’re awakening. That means you’re seeing your life and world in a new light, now aware of much that was once hidden, you missed or didn’t care to see.

Awakening can cover a lot of ground.  To some it means being “woke” to the abuses and injustices of society. To others, it’s a “great awakening” to see the corruption and control of a ruling elite working behind the scenes to influence our affairs.  But on the spiritual path, awakening carries its deepest level of meaning, referring to the evolutionary journey of the soul back to the One Infinite Creator and the active participation of the ego to gather experiences in ways that best enhance that journey.

However you see it is right for where you are on your journey.  But that doesn’t make it the be all, end all of either life in this world or beyond.

With that said, awakening souls (at least those with the spiritual perspective) are looking around and seeing all the chaos and conflict in our outer world and wondering what’s in it for them?


What’s in it for you?

Are they to join the fray and take one side or another, fighting the good fight to advance its cause, even if it means harm or detriment to those who don’t see it that way?

Or are they to stand by and watch, withdrawing from the battles while concentrating on their own expansion and the contributions they feel called to make?

This is the conflict you’re probably feeling right now every time you turn on the news.  It’s designed, by the way, to tweak your fears and desires and stir your passions to the point of outrage and action so you can be manipulated however they want.

But you’re awakening. You see this. You KNOW this.  They don’t have your interests in mind.  Rather, they serve their own agendas and masters, often to the point of seeming to want to blow up our society and start over in the name of higher ratings and power (over you) for those whose ideologies they support.

This situation, and others to come, is why you’ve come into this world and have awakened despite all the madness. The question for every awakening soul is, what to do about it?

The answer is simple, yet tremendously difficult to apply. But you’ve already taken a giant leap to prepare yourself, so let’s go.


Do you know your part?

Your job is to set aside your ego and all the distortions it carries inside. That means fears and desires, biases, prejudices, judgments, misunderstandings, misperceptions, and all the scars you carry from your life or before.

Until you do, you will be subjected to whatever efforts the powers that be or those who oppose them use to tweak those inner conditions and goad you into perpetuating their battles and the power games they fight.

You see the chaos and conflict and crave peace.  But you’re being called to take a course that is quite unnatural.  Rather than fighting the good fight, it’s to wait and work on yourself, clearing your inner distortions so more light can shine through and your consciousness can expand.  As it does, you grow closer to the light, and less able to be triggered into fighting a battle that isn’t yours to fight.

You may be called to join in the war.  But unless you are — you need to be clear on your inner call before you’re goaded into it — participating will not move the needle of your awakening, and it probably won’t help your outer world very much, either.

Because if you’re fighting without the guidance and inspiration of your soul, you’re just going to make things worse.


Which way is it blowing?

When you stick your head out and the winds of conflict are blowing all around, my advice is to hunker down and wait another while until things die down.

Prepare yourself.  Protect yourself and your own.  There’s no need to subject yourself to abuse or harm by those who would oppress or do you wrong.

Maybe it will even come down to deciding whose life is more valuable?  Yours and your family’s, and your ability to be safe and secure from such attacks?  Or those who want you to fight with them (or on their side) and suffer the slings and arrows of fate that come with it?

Only your inner voice, free from the egoic distortions, will tell you for sure.

After all, that’s the purpose of awakening, isn’t it? To draw upon the inner voice to meet life in a better way, while expanding your consciousness and ability to love and be loved as you work to evolve toward the light?

That doesn’t mean forgetting your mission, or sharing your gifts and inspirations with the world.  It needs you, and that’s why you’ve been given them — to allow others to see the benefit of trying it on for themselves.

Rather, it simply means not taking unnecessary chances or adding your energies to the conflict or efforts to stop it.  Give peace a chance.

Your time — OUR TIME — to point to another way is coming.  Some are called to do so now, despite the wars going on around them.  But eventually we all will have to make our stand for peace and light and better ways of conducting our affairs while we evolve here on earth.

Until then, hunker down.  Try to find your peace.

Your world is going to need it.  And you, to help show them the way.

God bless you indeed.


John Dennison
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