Become a Conduit of Abundance

buddhaAbundance is a gift from God that flows to you. And when you learn to use it, it serves not only you, but others as well.

Siddartha (later known as the Buddha) would get up in the morning and ask himself, “Who can I teach today?” In that simple act he set the energy of his gifts in motion, allowing it to flow out to someone of need who would cross his path that day.

We all have gifts. We all have love and light in our hearts, and that is good. But as Abram recently said, it is far better to give it to someone else. Sharing what we have — whether it be our stuff, our experience and skills, or simply our love — is what makes the world go ’round.

The challenge for us all is not just to get good things for ourselves, but to find a way to set the energy of that abundance in motion so it can offer value to others as well. Not necessarily in the same form, but in whatever way feels natural (and hopefully inspired within).

The ideas is to use our abundance to create value for others in whatever form we feel inspired to give it. Giving not because we feel we must, but because we can and feel called to do so.

And giving value is where many of us fall down.

Good intentions don’t get it done. Big ideas don’t, either. Small, simple ones are best. For they are the ones we can act upon now. For the big ones often come with so much work and delay that they never manifest, relegated to the scrap heap of good ideas whose time never comes.

Abundance is ours if we will realize it, but even so it is not guaranteed to continue. For if we don’t allow those energies to flow out to where they can best go to work, they have a way of backing up within us, until eventually that flow slows to a trickle or stops altogether.

The formula is simple — increase the outflow, and the inflow increases, too. Not outflow of marketing or talking about what you are going to do, but outflow of value actually received by others from doing it. Even if you have to give it away, or volunteer it in service through one group or another.

It reminds me of friends trying to squeeze a few horsepower out of a car engine when I was young. Because the first thing most did was change the exhaust to reduce the backpressure, thereby allowing the engine to produce more with what it was already putting out.

It’s the same principle with applying the abundance we have. The greater the outflow, the more we can use the abundance we have, and the more effective it is for all. Moreover, it creates a vacuum that draws more abundance into our lives, just like the reduced backpressure allowed gas in the cylinders to combust more effectively without the choking influence of unexhausted gases to impair its operation.

You may think you don’t have much abundance in your life, but think again. You have the experiences of a lifetime. You have love and caring for others. You have your smile, and your listening, and your calming voice. You [hopefully] have clothing and shelter, and maybe some extra food or money. You have your inspirations and guidance. You have your passions and skills, and every other attribute that makes you you.

This is the stuff dreams are made of — the dreams of those who live without their benefit. We are the ones who can make their dreams come true just by giving a little of ourselves each day.

And when we do, we just might find something else will happen.

For in giving we receive, if nothing else than the good feelings of seeing another’s face light with joy knowing that someone cares.

More will flow back to us as well. For as we give, so we shall receive. The more we give, the more the abundance can flow to us, opening the channels wider and wider until all of our desires can come true, as we help bring to life the dreams of those whose lives we can touch.

We have within us the ability to influence the flow of abundance for everyone. But to do that means using what we’ve got. Putting it to work so others can benefit from it as well.

So, what will we do with our abundance? Will we keep it to ourselves, locked inside like money in a bank account that might earn a few pennies of interest? Or will we invest in in the people who are in our lives, and in the world that is around us, and watch it really go to work?

Certainly how to do so is up to us. That’s the test of our creativity and determination.

Using it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do what’s necessary for our our survival and prosperity. Nor does it mean giving it all away. It just means allowing ourselves to feel the need of others in each moment and then bringing whatever we have that can make things a little better. Using our value to create value for them.

Sometimes it will be in a way that brings us financial reward. Many other times it won’t. But don’t worry. Even then, it will come back to us in spades.

What you do is up to you. But it takes more than intending to do it. It takes action. Do it today. Do it often. But whatever and whenever, just do it.

You are the conduit of God’s abundance. Why let it stop with you?

John Dennison

John Dennison

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