Celebrating the Freedom of Consciousness

american-flag3_optOn this Independence Day please accept my thanks for allowing me to light the fuse of freedom within you these past months and years.

We have covered a lot of ground, all to stimulate your own self-knowing and to bring out the best you have inside. For you are the foundation of the New World, and it is to you and the efforts you make that I give homage today.

We’ve talked about many things:

  • becoming aware of our own inner world and how we evolve to reflect it in our lives;
  • the collective evolution of mankind, and what the events of today are offering for that possibility;
  • challenging our own attachment to the beliefs and perspectives on which we’ve built our status quo, and blind loyalty to the economic and political systems behind it; and
  • the promise of community as an incubator for conscious co-creation.

So what’s ahead? We’ll continue examining the conflict within us over whether to continue on the old path, or accelerate the breakup to make way for the new.

And most importantly, we’ll continue our effort to birth the new foundations needed to support the kind of world we dream of — one based on love and light, where the needs of self are voluntarily balanced with those of all else.

So as you go off to celebrate in whatever way you do — including your resistance to oppressive regimes around the world that deny your freedom — remember that it all starts inside, and from there ripples outward to your world.

From within you is being birthed a new consciousness that can transform our world. Thanks for allowing it to work.

John Dennison

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