Change the One. Change the Whole.

change-aheadLife is, to me at least, all about the evolution of consciousness. The consciousness of the one, by which we know ourselves and process life. And the collective consciousness of the whole of humanity, that shows in how we treat each other and our relationship to all of creation.

Both come about by the same process — by each individual soul evolving as it goes through life, and as it does adding its contribution, large or small, to the whole.

At some point our consciousness grows aware of our own evolution and place within that whole. Sometimes that’s enough and we carve out lives for ourselves where we are. At others it’s not, and we’re driven to expand ourselves and what we add to the world.

Our Own Way

Each of us evolves at the pace and in the manner we need. Sometimes our experiences are unpleasant as others get in our way or force us to their will. But then, even that contributes to our evolution.

Eventually, though, such interference is intolerable. Our expanding consciousness allows us to see where we need to go, and wants to select the path by which we get there.

At such times we may find it hard to sit back and allow those who are unable to accommodate our individualistic ways to stand in our way. It can cause us to seek ways to get where we’re going without ending up in the same old conflicts or roadblocks.

What’s Our Place in the World?

Sometimes our individual expansion leads us to address certain conditions within the whole. This is behind the urge to “change the world” that is now common as so many are beginning to surf the wave of consciousness sweeping across the land. This desire to make a difference creates experiences that affect our own evolution, even while our attention is directed to serving the whole (and raising its consciousness, whether we are aware of it or not).

For myself, I am concerned with both — individual evolution, as well as the evolution of the whole. For both are essential to prepare the way for Ascension — or to see it in another way, byproducts of the evolutionary expansion of our universe that is now underway.

This is why we have so many articles dealing with Ascension and how reality is created — not to espouse these as absolutes you must accept and follow, but to loosen the hold of existing beliefs so you can make way for new ones that will accelerate your evolution, and that of our world.

Where is that evolution taking us? It’s hard to say. All we can do is address the conditions in us and our world, or more precisely, the factors that give rise to them.

Perhaps somewhere along the way your vision will be raised to encompass the bigger picture, and you will join with me to lay the foundation for greater expansion to come while engaging those things that hold us back.

In the meantime, enjoy the ride. It’s why you’re here.


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John Dennison

John shares insights and perspectives from the spiritual path on awakening, service, and the interaction of our inner and outer worlds.

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