Consciousness and the dramas of our world

multi-dimensionalThe mass consciousness is creating troublesome dramas that are causing many to give up hope that they can create a life that serves them, much less impact the direction of our common affairs more to their liking.

Crisis after crisis is sweeping across the land. Some are man-made. Others natural disasters. All unsettle our comfortable relationships with the outer world and test our ability to respond in ways that reflect our highest attributes.

The curtain is also being pulled back on the systems we’ve created to govern ourselves and provide the economic and other foundations for our society. Corrupt and power-hungry practices (endemic to most of those who participate in the system without regard to party affiliation or ideological persuasion) that were once suspected are now on display for all to see.

Worse, those involved flaunt their abuses and dare us to do anything about it while the trickle-down effect wreaks havoc on lifestyles and erodes personal liberty in the name of security against invisible enemies.

It’s no wonder that many of us are confused and uncertain, unable to know which way to go. We feel powerless, without hope for a better day in our time.

Yet this is the reality we have served up for ourselves. It is not a time to stick our heads in the sand or wish upon a star that someone will come along to save us.

We are responsible for our lives. We have contributed to the collective consciousness that has set this reality in motion. It is up to us to decide what we will do with it, and where we will go from here.

When it comes down to it, the situation is ripe for a change in how we approach our lives. No longer can we focus only on ourselves and satisfying our own personal needs. For now the events that are thrusting themselves into our awareness are showing us we cannot find peace, much less the prosperity and freedom we need to have it, without addressing the outer world that impacts them.

Armageddon is being thrust upon us and we’re being forced into action. Just like the wars of the past, this is a war for the future of the human experience.

But the weapons with which this war will be fought are not those of power and control, but rather awareness of our place within the whole of creation and the application of the expanded consciousness it brings.

We cannot know peace until we know what it is that causes our unrest and need for some to satisfy their desire for money or power at the expense of others.

We cannot change the collective consciousness that makes our world the way it is until we first change our own and set aside the contests of will and desire that keep us apart.

And we cannot know peace with others until we know ourselves, why we’re here, and the things we harbor inside to keep us in conflict.

This is the time of changes and prelude to the Ascension. It offers us the chance to move beyond the dramas that grip our lives. But to seize it we must first break free of the darkness that surrounds us and rips the hope for a better tomorrow from our hearts.

This can only come by lighting the light of your soul within you, and allowing it to lead you forward to meet these challenges in new ways.

Listen to the whispers that are speaking to you inside. They are trying to show you another way and fill you with hope for a better tomorrow.

That day will come. The question for you is, how will you get there?

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