Getting to Know Yourself

know_yourselfSet aside your beliefs for a minute. Forget what you’ve been told by your religious training. Ignore the thoughts that make you question the very existence of God, much less how a loving one could allow so many bad things to happen to good people.

Now, without benefit of input from your mind, answer this question.

Where do you come from?

Without the reassuring and self-righteous (and often wrong) thoughts that are ever-present in our minds, we’re forced to enter an experiential world that seems very strange to most people.

I call it the place of silence. It is found at the intersection of our inner and outer worlds.

There are many ways to find it. Meditation is a popular one. Just sitting quietly and staring off into space is another. Whatever way you choose to find it, just know that you will if you set your intention to do so.

Once you do, feel the silence. Try to tune into the vibration that you are. For you are energy, and as with all energy, you have your own specific frequency. Or as you may find, a multitude of frequencies blending into a harmonic chord — at least, until the discordant energies of mind get in the way.

So feel your vibration. Where does it come from? Can you follow it back to its source? Or does it even have one?

Most of all, what do you feel as you slip into your own innermost vibrations? What do you know?

From the place of silence you may access many things. Or you may find none. Either way, trust that what you find is what you need at that moment. For both allow you to grow and expand your expression of who you are with which you experience the physical world around you.

Visit it often. Use the time to reconnect with who you are, and in the process connect with your soul.

The more you do, the more you will shift into a new perspective on the life you are living. And the more light that will flow into you with which to go about your affairs.

You just might find that you are far more than you thought you were. And that will open the door to a new phase of your journey through life.

Enjoy the journey. Know yourself. And add your contribution to the whole. It’s why you’re here.

Then again, you already knew that. Didn’t you?

John Dennison

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