Living in a Multi-Dimensional World

multi-dimensionalDuality is on its last legs. The increasing polarity that fuels our battle of opposites is unsustainable, much like a rubber band that is being stretched past its breaking point.

We see its effects everywhere as the extremes struggle at every turn, unable to compromise on even the smallest point and willing to fight to the death to get their way.

Yet, those extremes are becoming less and less relevant to the sense of knowing it unleashes within us that there must be another way.

The energies of change are bombarding our world, and making the circumstances ripe for it to happen.

Look at the news. Warring factions fight tooth and nail over the direction of our world, unwilling to consider that their conflict is helping a growing center realize that the answer lies less in either more conflict or the proposed solutions than in changing the process of our governance and conduct of our common affairs.

The triumvirate of big government, big finance and big business work together to buy off large blocks of the electorate and stack the deck to perpetuate their ability to pit us against each other.

But big is not better in the world ahead. For big often comes with unwieldy structures that cannot be maintained in a time when energies are accelerating, not to mention require big bailouts or bring widespread hardship when they fail.

Consciousness is expanding everywhere, making peoples around the world reluctant to live under the thumb of anyone any more, much less the systems and institutions that have wielded power for so long.

The policies that enforce the status quo impose big wars, big programs and big spending where people simply want to be free of their influence and the hardship and struggle their system of dominance and control imposes on all.

Ours is no longer a monolithic, top-down world. Instead, those old relationships are dissolving, crumbling from the weight of excess at the top and eroded by a growing cry for self-determination at the bottom. And it’s opening the door to a time that might seem like chaos as we learn to exist without the oppressive systems of our past.

We are entering a time of multi-dimensionality, where there is no clear leadership or rule over our affairs. It will be a welcome change for many, for the ways of the past have created classes of haves and have nots, perpetuated through the inequality and injustice inherent in its operation.

But as the playing field opens up, we the people of the world will have to grow up fast and learn to exercise the responsibility that comes with greater freedom and create new systems that encourage all to expand to their greatest capability.

Otherwise, those who are unable or unwilling to adapt to such a new, entropic environment may turn to strong, charismatic leaders who promise the world but deliver only more of what we’re moving away from.

If we are to seize the moment and embrace the energies of change, then we may find it hard to support the big programs and policies that are touted as ways to save us from ourselves.

Rather, we may want to turn to our own devices, drawing on our own creativity, ingenuity and entrepreneurial abilities to get by, notwithstanding the hardships imposed by the meltdown brought about by the powers that be through their incessant bungling and games of greed and power.

It shouldn’t be surprising that we should look to ourselves to find a way out of this mess. After all, small business already employs over 70% of the American work force, and is the best hope to pull us out despite the fact that that Bigs won’t give them the money, much less policies, they need to survive and grow.

Will this transition come easy?

It can, but so far it hasn’t. Besides more economic and political tremors like those of recent times, we might expect the established order to fight to hold onto power and paint those who want greater freedom over their affairs as revolutionaries or radicals who need to be squashed.

But such efforts cannot last. The cat’s out of the bag. People have been empowered to see and think for themselves, and any efforts to deny the expansion of consciousness it’s brought will quickly disintegrate.

In the meantime we need to learn to embrace the change, both within us as well as our outer affairs. We need to learn to work within a multi-dimensional world. That means meeting everyone as equals, welcoming them into the fold instead of building walls to keep us apart. And it means honing our skills and developing our ability to adapt to an environment where what worked yesterday may not be what is needed to get ahead tomorrow.

This is the world of our future. We may have grown comfortable in the chains of our past, but they are now breaking and we’re going to have to figure out where to go from here.

Open your eyes. See things as they are. And do your best to get through the struggles that result in a way that prepares you for what’s coming down the road.

When it’s over, it will be a better world. But until we get there, the ride might get a little rough.

We’re here to help smooth it out and light your way if you’ll let us. Godspeed.


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