Overcoming the Obstacle of Circumstance

challengesSo many times we let the apparent obstacles of circumstance hold us back.

Sometimes it’s a matter of excess. Too old. Too young. Too inexperienced. Too much experience.

At others it’s lack. Not smart enough. Don’t have the right connections. Wrong degree. Too little money. Or know how. Or family support. Or whatever.

Sure, it may be an obstacle. But then, obstacles are meant to be overcome, not as be all/end all statements that we should give up and go do something else.

We’re living in a time of changes, and a lot of us are being pushed onto a new course for our lives. Uprooted from the comfortable ruts in which we’ve been living, now we’re forced to adapt in ways for which we may feel unprepared.

This is a manifestation of the uncertainty with which we now must live. It’s a darkness that is falling across the land.

But that doesn’t mean we’re without tools to meet it.

The most important of those are not the outer skills and experience we’ve acquired over our lives, but the inner ones like perseverance, determination, self-confidence, and faith that somehow things will work out.

These intangibles are among the many attributes you’ve carried inside but have not had to use in a while. Now it’s time to pull them out, dust them off, and put them to work.

You know — not by logic but by gut instinct — that the challenges of these times require the very best you have to offer.

In fact, if you are one who believes that you create your life, you might even think that you wanted to stretch yourself and bring the best that you are to the table — to use this life for the greatest expansion possible rather than simply cruising to the finish line.

However you see it, those obstacles are now before you in one way or another. The question is, how will you meet them, and what will you do?

Will you let the apparent limititations of circumstance keep you from re-building your life into something that serves you even better than the one you had before?

Or will you roll over and play dead, allowing it to push you down and keep you there?

The answer, my friend, is in those very characteristics you’ve kept locked away for a rainy day, stored safely in the vault of your soul until needed to weather the storms of life.

You know the rain is falling.

If you don’t use them now, when will you? Will you wait until so much comes down that you’ll have to build an arc to survive? Or can you find a way to use them to see things another way, and break through those obstacles to get to the better tomorrow that’s waiting for you?

This is the choice offered by the time of changes. What is changing most, though, is not your life.

It is you, and how you live it.

Enjoy the journey. Godspeed.


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John Dennison

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