Revelations on the Light: As the World Turns

walkingI ran into a friend while walking one morning at a local park who asked what revelations I had for him that day.

Pointing to the spectacular golden orb rising above the clouds on the horizon to the east, I said the sun came up again. He quickly corrected me that it was the earth turning toward it.

My reply? I asked him if he ever gave any thought to how the earth turns to face the sun each day before it once again turns away, much like we draw nearer to the light and then pull away from it.

The great beauty of life in this world is that we not only get to savor the light within us, but that we can also enjoy the darkness, as well as the shadows in between.

This cycle goes on within us each and every day. But like that sunrise, we can choose whether to enjoy it, or see it as a prelude to another in an endless series of struggles life brings our way.

Whether it’s day, night, or the times between, there’s always something beautiful to behold. Can you find it?

John Dennison

John shares insights and perspectives from the spiritual path on awakening, service, and the interaction of our inner and outer worlds.

His book, "Whispers in the Silence - Living by the Light of Your Soul," is a guide to listen to your inner voice and break free of the inner conditions that keep you locked in struggle and conflict.

John offers a free report, "5 Minutes That Can Change Your World," at http://bit.ly/1QwNenb, and provides training and guidance to awakening souls.
John Dennison