What SHOULD we believe?

Mind you, we do not work from a perspective of should or must. It is always your choice, based upon your needs and perspectives of the moment, and the way you’ve created yourself to that point.

Recognizing, then, that beliefs are fluid, and can be changed depending upon our situation and experiential need, what’s a conscious being to believe?

I wrestled with this very question (and have often said I would be willing to give up all I believed if it would create peace).

In discussion with Spirit through Katar Ra (Dawn Katar Schoenstadt), this is the answer that was given me:

Believe in one Power, one Presence.
Believe in Infinite Possibility.
Believe that what is unknown in one moment can be known in another moment.
And what is known is not all there is.
There is always more.
I call it the new Apostle’s Creed. Feel free to consider how it might apply to your life, and the experiences it’s bringing you.

God bless you indeed.

john _sign