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Armageddon’s Coming — Will You Sit This One Out?

Political Wars: The Battle to Set the Course of Our Future

If the state of today’s politics is any indication, peace is a pipe dream. We might as well give up

Global Warming: Denying Science or Political Conspiracy? [Video]

This whole global warming hubbub gives me pause.  I’m not a climate denier. I do believe that human activity contributes

Surviving These Volatile Times

Things are getting crazy out there. In case you hadn’t noticed, the politics of hate have taken over our airwaves,

Conscious Choices: Joining the Fight vs. Standing for Peace

Am I the only one torn over what we see in the news? It’s as if the Trump election and

Either We Change, or We Will Perish from the Earth

This is the time of changes. Where we go from here is up to us. We all know the news.

Bannon & Priebus at CPAC on the Deconstruction of the Administrative State

I couldn’t be more excited. I just watched the video below where Steve Bannon talked about the deconstruction of the

Freedom is Just Another Word for Going Your Own Way

Freedom. Liberty. Self-determination. Free will. Choice.  These are the words that define the underlying nature of our souls as written by

The Trump Revolution Won’t Be Pretty

Let’s face it. Obama and the ruling elite had it pretty good. They dropped border security in the Western world

Three Ways to Cure Millennial Political Apathy

Is Millennial Political Apathy the Curse of Our Generation? Millennial political apathy. It’s the unspoken truth that every politician knows