A Systemic Meltdown is Now Underway

Will this madness ever stop? The way it looks, whatever happens won’t be pretty.

Look around. The world we’ve known is disintegrating before our eyes. And it’s threatening to take us all down with it.

Political turmoil. Civil unrest. Economic upheaval. Geopolitical gamesmanship. These are a few of the obvious manifestations, out there for everyone to see.

What’s not is the stratification of society, led by a powerful and wealthy elite and the political classes that are torn between serving their powerful masters and the people who ey empower.

They all reflect a widespread discontent among the people with the way things are. Our existing systems are struggling to meet their needs.

Beneath that, however, are other, more ominous signs that point to a rough road ahead.

Cultural wars are erupting everywhere as group after group pushes its agenda and tries to impose their visions — designed to advance their interests at the expense of others’ — upon the rest of society.

Humans have not evolved to a point where we peacefully embrace each others’ differences, much less develop a common culture that blends it into cohesive whole.  The American melting pot was the best hope for that, and indeed, as a nation we have prided ourselves on the ability to absorb other races, nationalities and ethnic groups and welcome them into our ranks.

Of course, few speak about the preservation of our cultural heritages, and the bias and prejudice we’ve preserved in order to keep alive the remnants of our histories

Then again, history is often seen through rose-colored lenses. For few of the groups who’ve come here would say they were embraced and welcome, much less happy for their experience. Blacks, Chinese,


Economic inequality has created a massive chasm between the haves and have nots, putting even more demands upon government to take care of those who are are the bottom of the economy, or out of it altogether.  The rich get richer, while the poor get poorer, along with many of those in between.

The strain is threatening to rupture the


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