Building Blocks for a Better Tomorrow

Can you really build a better tomorrow? Yes. But it won't happen overnight, nor just by waving some magic wand (unless, of course, you're Harry Potter).

It starts with knowing yourself and ends with changing your world. Everything in between is all about you, and your relationship to your life and the world in which you live.

My building blocks for a better tomorrow?

  • knowing yourself;
  • finding your peace; and
  • changing your world.

At the core of them all is you, and the experiences your life is bringing. It's why you're here.

So, is your life bringing you peace? Do you really want it to?

For peace starts in you.  It means choosing peace.  It means becoming at peace with who you are and the life you're living, not just the people and situations within it.  It means seeing the outer world in a new light, and moving through its challenges in better ways. 

And when times are tough, it means knowing where to find hope, strength and direction to carry on.

If you let me, I will shine a light on the path and walk a while with you.

I am John. God bless you indeed.



1. Know Yourself

 The key to building a better tomorrow starts with knowing yourself. Understanding who you are and what you and your life are all about set the context for you to interact with the world around you.

It also allows you to identify and defuse the triggers that are used to manipulate you into joining the fray and/or throwing your support behind one group or another that promises you they will use the power you give them to build something more of your choosing (but then turn around and serve the rich and powerful who put them there).

Know yourself and you can move smoothly through that world, interacting with less disturbance and upset through the energies that would push your buttons and drag you into their dramas and conflicts.

It is also essential to dealing with the energies that flow through you, including your thoughts, emotions, belief systems, perspectives, attitudes and myriad other attributes that are determine as much by what's going on inside as anything your outer world has to offer.

It allows you also to quiet the inner chatter and open a connection to your source. Whether you see it as God, your soul or simply the Holy Spirit flowing through you, it enables you to begin to listen to your inner voice, and opens the door to an inner world that will totally change how you interact with your outer one.


2. Find your peace

Knowing yourself is a good start. It's key to everything else on this path.

But if you're not at peace, then it will be hard for you to interact with that outer world in a way that is peaceful. Instead, your own inner energies and conditions will ripple out to the surface and upset relations with the people around you, or cause you to act in ways that do not expand your peace or theirs.

So our approach is to help you lay a foundation of peace upon which all else can be built before going out to take on the world.

We help you see things another way that starts within you, exploring the energies and patterns that make you the way you are, along with other factors, both inner and outer, that impair your ability to find peace in your time.

Finding your peace is a crucial step in trying to bring peace to the world around you. Otherwise, you risk carrying the seeds of today's problems into the future you want to create.

To do this requires more than dedication to your cause. To build a better world, first you have to build a better you, one that is free of the egoic distortions that have led us down the path toward our own unhappiness and destruction.

We offer training and coaching to empower you to evolve into more of what you can be so you can bring your best to every moment.



3. Change Your World

Wanting peace often isn't enough.

Many of us cannot be at peace when the world around us is in such turmoil, and we feel compelled to do something about it.

This is often the work of your soul through your inner voice, which fills you with meaning, purpose and direction for the life you lead.  It whispers that there is more to your life than you know, and bids you to find it.

Sometimes it will even nudge you to act in some way to restore your balance or that of the world you're in, to relieve suffering, or add your contribution in one way or another. It may even ask to you undertake some mission to solve a problem, help others, or make the world a better place.

When your inner voice calls you to act, in whatever form it bids, you will not find any peace until you answer.

If yours is calling you to bring your vision into reality, your job is simple.

Find a way. We can help.